Chlotrudis Updates! Film Reviews and more...

Check out the added report on the Provincetown International Film Festival by Beth Curran on our Film Festival Reviews section. Beth was a patron SUPERSTAR at the festival and has a lot of interesting things to say about the films she saw. Meanwhile, the reviews keep coming in. Michael Moore's controversial FAHRENHEIT 9/11 is the most succesful documentary of all time! See what Chlotrudis members think about it. Will the forthcoming doc, THE CORPORATION be a winner with Chlotrudis members? Our first review for that film is up. Things aren't looking up for DE-LOVELY if early Chlotrudis reviews are any indication.

Local filmaker Andrew Sniezek sent us his film, THE KILLING HAND and asked for a review. Well, he got one, but it may not be what he was looking for. Still, there's a talented filmmaker behind the film, and for his first-time out, it's quite an accomplishment. See what Bob says in his review of THE KILLING HAND.

Other new reviews include last year's controversial DEMONLOVER, more thoughts on NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, and belated reviews of A MIGHTY WIND, and THE PRINCESS DIARIES.