Christopher Abbott, photo courtesy of HBOOn Sunday March 17th, the Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film will honor actor Christopher Abbott (photo by Jennifer Miglio) with its Breakout Award, during its 19th Annual Chlotrudis Awards ceremony at the historic Brattle Theatre.  Mr. Abbott will be in attendance to accept his special award from Chlotrudis to celebrate a impressive start to a career that we look forward to following.  The show begins at 5 pm, and tickets are $20 ($15 for Chlotrudis and Brattle members), and can be purchased online at the Brattleā€™s website.

Christopher Abbott made his film debut in 2011's critically acclaimed MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE.  His second film was last year's Opening Film at Sundance, HELLO I MUST BE GOING, opposite Melanie Lynskey.  Roger Ebert said of his performance "Much credit goes here to Christopher Abbott, whose persuasive performance [is] like a living embodiment of the cliche, "I love you enough for the both of us".

Since then Christopher has filmed two upcoming independent films, ART MACHINE and BURMA, the latter of which is his first starring role and will be premiering at SXSW in March.  Mr. Abbott has also made a splash on television, as part of the smash HBO series from triple threat Lena Dunham, GIRLS, where he plays Charlie, Marnie's ex-boyfriend.In just two years, Christopher Abbott has made an impressive mark, and Chlotrudis is pleased to honor him with its Breakout Awards at its 19th awards ceremony.  He follows some very successful Breakout Award recipients including 2003's Kerry Washington (who followed up her win with RAY) and 2004's Ellen Page (whose next two jobs after her win were Kitty Pryde in XMEN 3, and JUNO).

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