CHLOTRUDIS to present Before They Were Famous SUMMER FILM SERIES, featuring Ellen Page and Kerry Washington, at JP’s UForge Gallery

Our SongThe Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film is pleased to continue its relationship with Jamaica Plain’s UForge Gallery as Partner-In-Residence, by presenting its latest film series BEFORE THEY WERE FAMOUS.   The group will screen movies from early in the careers of Ellen Page, Kerry Washington and Russell Crowe throughout the summer, on Sunday nights.   Screenings will start at 6pm, with a suggested donation of $5.

The series will kick off on June 12th with 2003’s MARION BRIDGE, a Canadian film which first showcased the talents of a young Ellen Page.  The New York Times called it “a small, exquisitely acted Canadian film”, which “takes the raw ingredients of soap opera and spins them into something truthful and quietly compelling”. Starring Molly Parker (House of Cards), MARION BRIDGE tells the story of 3 grown sisters gathered together again in their small town to be with their dying mother, and the emotions arising out of that reunion.  In her film debut, Ellen Page is Joanie, a young girl drawn into the drama involving one of the sisters, part of a badly kept family secret soon to be revealed.

On July 10th the series will present another star’s debut film.   Kerry Washington’s first film, OUR SONG, was also her first costarring film.  She plays Lanisha, one of 3 teenaged girls, all members of a high school stepping/marching band, during a hot Brooklyn summer. The film follows along these young women, for a day in the life character-driven tale.   Roger Ebert praised the 2000 film saying it “ has the courage to work without a net, aware that when you're a teenager, your life is not a story so much as a million possible stories.”

For the series closer on August 7th , the setting shifts Down Under, for a 2-for-1 early breakout film, PROOF, starring Russell Crowe and Hugo Weaving.     The 1991 film follows the life of a blind photographer (Weaving) who is looked after by a housekeeper; their lives are disrupted by an earnest new friend (Crowe).  Janet Maslin described the film as “a darkly clever Australian drama focusing on brilliant, wickedly manipulative characters whose attachment to one another is matched only by their mutual loathing.”

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