Chlotrudis Movie of the Week + Indie Film Round Up, August 6 - 12

Hello Chlotrudis Members!

Life During WartimeThis week Chlotrudis recommends a couple of new indie releases playing in Boston. For those of you who like gritty, yet magical stories set on the streets of Dublin, KISSES is for you. Chlotrudis members caught this wonderful little film at the Provincetown International Film Festival way back in 2009! We're very happy to see it get a Boston release courtesy of the Coolidge Corner Theatre. Kylie and Dylan are two kids living in a bleak suburb of Dublin. After an altercation with a parent, the two run away and spend a frightening yet magical night in the big bad city. It's really a special film, so please overlook the fact that it's playing in the Screening Room and go see it! The other new release that's worth a look is LIFE DURING WARTIME, Todd Solondz sequel of sorts to the Chlotrudis Awards-winning HAPPINESS. Some time has passed since the startling conclusion of HAPPINESS, and the characters are all played by different actors, but even if the particulars of the first film are a bit fuzzy in your memory (as they were in mine) the feel and themes of these characters lives will quickly come back to you. LIFE DURING WARTIME is slightly more gentle than HAPPINESS, or perhaps, with over ten years distance, slightly more mature. Plus it's got some outstanding performances by Allison Janney, Shirley Henderson and delightfully amusing turns by a host of supporting actors like the ever-interesting Ally Sheedy and a fierce Charlotte Rampling. Check it out at the Kendall Square Cinema (or wait a week and catch it at the Coolidge!)


Please mark your calendars for Sunday, August 22! Chlotrudis will be launching its 2010 Annual Fund Drive at a special Cocktail Party Social at the home of Allison Sloan. It's a wonderful way to meet fellow members, talk about films, and bring non-members along to convince them how much fun they'd have if they joined! Watch your e-mail for an evite coming later this weekend!

See you at the Movies!

Playing this week, August 6 - 12, 2010.

Brattle Theatre, Cambridge
Special Engagement! Complete Restored Versions!
Metropolis (Fri. - Mon.)
The Late Show
Shaun of the Dead (Fri. & Sat.)
Hot Fuzz (Sat. & Sun.)
Noir 100: Celebrating the Centennials of 5 Film Noir Legends
The Chase & Street of Chance (Mon. & Tue.)
(Some of the) Best of the Oughts
Caché & The Lives of Others (Wed.)
4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days & The World (Thu.)


Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline
The Kids Are All Right
Get Low
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work
@fter Midnite - Cops in Heat week 1
Die Hard (Fri. & Sat.)
Special Screening!
Srugim (Tun.)


FEI Theatres
Capitol Theatre, Arlington

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Somerville Theatre, Somerville
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work (Sat. - Thu.)


Harvard Film Archive, Cambridge
Nicholas Ray: Hollywood's Last Romantic
In a Lonely Place and The High Green Wall (Fri. & Mon.)
Rebel Without a Cause (Sat.) Lightning Over Water Free Screenin! (Sat.)
A Woman's Secret (Sun.)


Hollywood Hits Theatre, Danvers
The Kids Are All Right


Landmark Theatres
Kendall Square
, Cambridge
Get Low
Life During Wartime
The Kids Are All Right
The Girl Who Played With Fire
I Am Love
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work
Best Worst Movie
The Concert
Countdown to Zero

Embassy Cinema, Waltham


Loew's Harvard Square, Cambridge
No Independent Films Playing This Week


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
New Talent to Watch
Dogtooth (Fri.)
Master Director
Cloud 9 (Fri. & Sat.)
Restored Prints
Senso (Fri. - Sun.)
Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (Sat., Sun., & Thu.)
From Here to Eternity (Thu.)


The Newburyport Screening Room, Newburyport
The Kids Are All Right


The Stuart Street Playhouse, Boston
The Girl Who Played with Fire
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work


West Newton Cinema, West Newton, MA
Get Low
A Matter of Size
The Kids Are All Right
I Am Love
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work
Winter's Bone
The Girl Who Played With Fire
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


Michael R. Colford
Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film, President

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