Chlotrudis Monday Night at the Movies + Indie Film Round-Up March 26 - April 1

Hello Chlotrudis Members! I'm so excited that I get to host the Chlotrudis Monday Night at the Movies this week... I also get to choose Atom Egoyan's CHLOE, which I saw and loved in Toronto! This is Egoyan at his best, combining a lot of his favorite topics, with a campy erotic thriller starring Julianne Moore, Amanda Seyfried, and Liam Neeson. Join us at the Kendall Square Theatre for the 7:15 screening of CHLOE. And join us beforehand at 5:30pm at the Cambridge Brewery for dinner.


Director Atom Egoyan (EXOTICA, THE SWEET HEREAFTER) reinterprets the French thriller NATHALIE... in this drama about a family on the road to self-destruction. Catherine (Julianne Moore) and David (Liam Neeson) are a seemingly happy, professional couple with a teenage son. But Catherine, suspicious after her husband is a no-show to his surprise birthday party due to a missed flight, hires Chloe, a prostitute (Amanda Seyfried) to find out whether he is cheating on her. To test his fidelity, Catherine orders Chloe's to seduce David in a series of encounters. As Chloe's reports become more and more graphic, Catherine's orchestrations get increasingly out of control, throwing the family further into jeopardy.

Director: Atom Egoyan

Cast: Julianne Moore, Amanda Seyfriend, Liam Neeson, Max Thieriot, Laura DeCarteret, Meghan Heffern, David Reale, Mishu Vellani

Check out the trailer:


Thanks to everyone who attended or participated in the 16th Annual Chlotrudis Awards this past Sunday! It was a most succesful event, with a delightful guest in Beth Grant, and some really fun moments throughout the event. Thanks also to the Brattle Film Foundation, the Charles Hotel, Noir and the Geothe Institut, all of whom supported our event. If you haven't already checked out the Award winners, you can do so at

First off, I must apologize to Jay for neglecting to include Opening Night to this year's Boston Underground Film Festival which happened on Thursday, March 25. Things kicked off with a nearly four-hour Japanese film called LOVE EXPOSURE, which Jay loved so much he went back to see again! The week-long festival plays at the Kendall Square Cinema and features a host of underground films that you can enjoy for the next few days and probably never again until next year! Check out the full schedule at their website.

See you at the Movies!

Playing this week, March 26 - April 1, 2010.

Brattle Theatre, Cambridge
The Warrior Camera: Akira Kurosawa Centennial!
Stray Dog
Seven Samurai
(Sat. & Sun.)
The Bad Sleep Well
Drunken Angel
& High & Low (Wed.)
Special Events!
Motion Graphics Fest 2010 (Thu.)
Boston Film Race 2010 (Thu.)

Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Ghost Writer

The Art of the Steal

After Midnite

(Fri. & Sat.)
The Life of the World to Come

FEI Theatres Capitol Theatre, Arlington
A Single Man
The Last Station

Opera in Cinema


Somerville Theatre, Somerville
No independent films playing this week.

Harvard Film Archive, Cambridge
The 2010 Genevieve McMillan Award: Abdellatif Kechiche

Games of Love and Chance
Director Abdellatif Kechiche in person! (Fri.)
The Secret of the Grain
Director Abdellatif Kechiche in person! (Sat.)
La faute à Voltaire
Director Abdellatif Kechiche in person! (Sun.)
Classic Ford: A John Ford Retrospective, Part I
Air Mail (Mon.)

Hollywood Hits Theatre, Danvers
A Prophet

The Yellow Handkerchief

The Ghost Writer

The Last Station

The Hurt Locker
Chlotrudis Award - Best Movie!

Landmark Theatres Kendall Square, Cambridge
The Secret of Kells


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Ghost Writer

A Prophet
Mid-August Lunch

Embassy Cinema, Waltham
The Ghost Writer

The Hurt Locker
Chlotrudis Award - Best Movie!

Loew's Harvard Square, Cambridge
No independent Films Playing this Week!

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
The Films of Kim Longinotto
Gaea Girls (Fri.)
Boston Turkish Film Festival Oh, Beautiful Instanbul (Fri.)
On the Way to School
Master Directors

My Son, My Son,What Have Ye Done?
The Sun
(Wed. & Thu.)
History of Film: From Silent Movies to Social Networking

The Phantom of Liberty
Five Easy Pieces
Art on Film

Hyman Bloom:
The Beauty of All Things


Off and Running

The Newburyport Screening Room, Newburyport
Crazy Heart

The Stuart Street Playhouse, Boston
The Ghost Writer

West Newton Cinema, West Newton, MA
My Name is Khan
The Little Traitor

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Yellow Handkerchief

Crazy Heart
An Education

The Last Station

Michael R. Colford
Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film, President

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