Chlotrudis Reviews Updated!

Aleksandr Sokurov made quite an impact in 2003 with his gorgeous and darnigly shot RUSSIAN ARK. He comes back quietly this year with FATHER AND SON, a film that echoes the visual beauty of ARK, but includes a story that is both laced with densely buried meaning and an undercurrent of tension. See what Chlotrudis members think of the film on the Reviews page. Another film that CSIF members are buzzing about is THE CORPORATION. With the recent string of political reviews dominating the screens, you will want to see what we're saying about this latest offerring.

Other new reviews include the new documentary AMERICA'S HEART AND SOUL, Richard Linklater's unlikely sequel BEFORE SUNSET, more thoughts on other political docs THE CONTROL ROOM and FAHRENHEIT 9/11, some catch-up reviews from recent popular films DOGVILLE, THE FIVE OBSTRUCTIONS, INTERMISSIONand TIME OF THE WOLF, and thoughts on brand new releases IMELDA, SEDUCING DOCTOR LEWIS, A THOUSAND CLOUDS OF PEACE, and TWENTYNINE PALMS.

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