Chlotrudis Awards at Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival is the largest, most prestigious gathering
of the film industry in the world, and Chlotrudis Awards had
two members there to report on the festivities. Board of Director
Corinne Fisher and Nominating Committee member Marilyn O'Connor
enjoyed the sights, the weather, and the cavalcade of stars
at this premier event. While Marilyn enjoyed the world premiere
of Chlotrudis Award winner Paul Thomas Anderson's Punch
Drunk Love
, starring Adam Sandler, Emily Watson and
Chlotrudis Awards winner Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Corinne joined
the throngs welcoming the cast and filmmaker of Ararat.
Pictured right are director Atom Egoyan and film's stars Arsin´┐Żbr/>Khanjian, Charles Aznavour and Marie Josee Croze on the red
carpet as they arrive for the films' much-anticipated screening.
By all accounts, The Cannes Film Festival is an amazing experience.
We're glad Chlotrudis Awards was able to attend.