Chlotrudis Award winner Hal Hartley's new film in post-production

Hal Hartley recipient of the Chlotrudis Award for Excellence in Direction at the 8th Annual Awards Ceremony, will return to the big screen with THE GIRL FROM MONDAY. Principal shooting was completed in New York City this past January, with the film wrapping in sunny Puerto Rico.

An unapologetically stylized account of friendship, sacrifice, and free love in the information age, THE GIRL FROM MONDAY is fraught with the tensions of an unchecked consumer society and its impact on our sexualities, terrorism, and the difficulty in distinguishing elected officials from other corporate elites. This is Hal's first feature since 2002's NO SUCH THING.

THE GIRL FROM MONDAY stars "Sport's Night's" Sabrina Lloyd (right), Tatiana Abracos, and Hartley-alum Bill Sage. Hal has called the film "a fake sci-fi about the way we live now."

This information comes courtesy of Possible Films, Hartley's production company.