Cheryl Hines to Direct next Adrienne Shelly Project

Cinematical reports that WAITRESS wasn't Adrienne Shelly's last project after her tragic and untimely death just over one year ago in November 2006. Shelly had a finished script that is now heading into production. SERIOUS MOONLIGHT is a dark comedy about a "high-powered female attorney who learns that her husband is about to leave her for another woman, then prevents him from doing so by binding him to the toilet with duct tape." Okay, it sounds a little like an episode of "Desperate Housewives," but with Shelley's quirky sensibilities, it's bound to be something more.

Cheryl Hines, who co-starred with Keri Russell and Shelley in WAITRESS is attached to direct SERIOUS MOONLIGHT. It will be her directorial debut. Shelly's husband, Andy Ostroy, will co-produce along with Michael Roiff. Casting is currently underway, and Ostroy has expressed his desire to put together the team that was part of the WAITRESS family for this film, so expect Keri Russell to get involved as well.

Yeeeeep!!I'm excited too!!The mamory of a woman like Adrienne desearve this!!Serious moonlight will be a sucess!!!I wtched Witress yesterday and loved, loooved the movie!!I'll miss her too!!

wow, I'm excited for when it comes out! Adrienne really was grand. I'll miss her.