Bruce Weighs In: Day 5 at TIFF 07

Toronto 2007 is absolutely an embarrassment of riches (measured in cats, of course). No filmgoing experience could be more exhilarating. 3 cats is the lowest rating for any of the 16 films I’ve seen so far. And almost all the other Chlotrudis members are having above average viewing experiences as well.

As usual, I’ve tried to mix things up on the international scene with a schedule that covers 19 countries in 24 films. This year Cannes seemed to have a greater than usual influence on my choices. During the past few days tweaked my original schedule only slightly although every time someone raves about a film I’ve not seen I am tempted to try to squeeze it in. Here is a list the films I’ve seen so far ordered by cats. I will do my best to write a review for each film.

5 cats

  • 4 MONTHS, 3 WEEKS and 2 DAYS (Cristian Mungiu) Romania
  • MY WINNIPEG (Guy Maddin) Canada

4.5 cats

  • THE BANISHMENT (Andrei Zvyagintsev) Russia
  • LES CHANSONS D’AMOUR (Christophe Honoré) France
  • JUNO (Jason Reitman) USA
  • THE MAN FROM LONDON (Béla Tarr) Hungary
  • WITH YOUR PERMISSION (Paprika Steen) Denmark

4 cats

  • THE BAND’S VISIT (Eran Kolerin) Israel
  • LOVE COMES LATELY (Jan Schütte) Germany
  • SLINGSHOT (Brilliante Mendoza) Phillipines
  • UNE VIEILLE MAїTRESSE, (Catherine Breillat) France

3.5 cats

  • A JIHAD FOR LOVE (Parvez Sharma) USA
  • PLOY (Pen-ek Ratanaruang) Thailand
  • SECRET SUNSHINE (Lee Chang-dong) South Korea

3 cats

  • THE PAST (Hector Babenco) Argentina

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