Bo Smith Chosen as New Executive Director for the Denver Film Society!

Ty Burr posted on Movie Nation about the Museum of Fine Art's Bo Smith taking the position of the Denver Film Society's new Executive Director. This news is Chlotrudis-related for many reasons, not the least of which is the loss at the MFA of over 20 years of film curatorial experience in the form of Bo Smith. Ignoring its awkward and confusing way of scheduling films, the MFA is one of the few places where you can see international films that just wouldn't get any play in Boston otherwise. Certainly I have Bo to thank for my exposure to the amazing Tsai Ming-Liang, a director for which Chlotrudis and Smith share a deep appreciation. It was during a retrospective of that director's work that I saw WHAT TIME IS IT THERE? a film that has had a profound impact on the way I view international film.

While Bo never attended a Chlotrudis Award Ceremony, he was a supporter of our organization. One of our earliest and most successful collaborations with theatres featured a special sneak preview screening of ATANARJUAT (THE FAST RUNNER) with director Zacharias Kunuk and producer Norman Cohn present. After the screening at the MFA, we teamed with the Canadian Consulate for a lovely reception. It was a special event that we could never have done without Bo's help.

In addition to this type of formal collaboration, the Museum of Fine Arts is home to many film festivals that we have collaborated with. In addition to the Boston Jewish Film Festival, Chlotrudis has collaborated with the Boston Gay & Lesbian Film Festival and the Boston French Film Festival, all of which are held partially or entirely at the MFA.

So the Denver Film Society is sure to be in capable hands, which is certainly a comfort to me personally. Why is that, you may ask? Well I happen to know that one of the people in the running for this job was my friend and fellow-Chlotrudis member, Denverite Shannon Daut. While I was very excited about the possibility that Shannon might be the Executive Director of the Denver Film Society , and the possibilities that would have allowed regarding potential Chlotrudis collaboration, I am happy to be able to let Shannon know that her city's Film Society is in good hands.