Beth Grant will Accept Ahna O'Reilly's Breakout Award on her Behalf

We regret to announce that Ahna O'Reilly will not be able to attend the 20th annual Chlotrudis Awards ceremony on Sunday.  Ahna is in Charleston, SC shooting a pilot for a television show.  She was cleared by the production to attend the ceremony, but the schedule has changed and she is no longer able to come to Boston this weekend.  We are of course disappointed, as is Ahna, but we are thrilled that Beth Grant will be in the house to accept Ahna's breakout award on her behalf.  These two talented actors are part of the Chlotrudis-nominated Best Ensemble Cast of AS I LAY DYING. But that's not the first time they two have worked together.  In 2009 the two co-starred in a little indie film directed by Nathaniel Atcheson called HERPES BOY.  Then Beth directed her first short film called THE PERFECT FIT which co-starred Ahna.  So, while we are disappointed that Ahna is unable to attend the event this weekend, we are so happy that Beth will be here to accept it on her behalf.

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