Ask Paprika!

Paprika SteenAs reported a couple of weeks ago, APPLAUSE, the Danish star-vehicle for Paprika Steen is being released in the States at the end of the year.  Chlotrudis is teaming with World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation to get the word out about this film and the brilliant performance by Chlotrudis Award-honoree Paprika Steen.  To show her appreciation to her fans and independent film enthusiasts, Paprika will personally answer questions from fans and those who might be interested from all around the world.  Go to the official Applause Twitter, Facebook, or Myspace page and ask your question. Soon after questions are submitted, she will answer a selection of the best and most creative questions on YouTube.  There are complete instuctions on the Ask-Paprika page at the APPLAUSE website.

Don't miss this unique chance to have an interactive exchange with Paprika Steen!  And keep your fingers crossed that we are able to bring Paprika up to Boston when she comes to the States for her promotional tour for APPLAUSE!

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