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Short and Punchy with Plenty of Celeb Wattage!

The "Trudies" have been handed out and the year's big winner was Far From Heaven, which copped 4 awards, including Best Movie and Best Director for Todd Haynes. In addition, Haynes and "Trudie" winner for Best Cinematography, Ed Lachman, each earned special awards for their careers. Patricia Clarkson's turn in Far From Heaven tied with Emily Mortimer's performance in Lovely & Amazing for Best Supporting Actress to round out the quartet of award bestowed to Haynes' film. The other multiple winner for the evening was Richard Kelly's Donnie Darko, which took Best Original Screenplay and Best Actor for Jake Gyllenhaal.

Lachman, who is up for one of those other awards next weekend, was not the only big name in the house. Internationally acclaimed actress Geneviève Bujold gave a gracious and moving acceptance speech when she accepted her Chloe Award for her "career-so-far."
She also poked fun at herself and the difficulties she faced deciding
whether or not she would attend the ceremony. "It takes a lot of
bravery to trust," she said when talking both about acting, and her
decision to come to Chlotrudis Awards. Fortunately, her 22-year-old son
encouraged her to attend. (Bujold is pictured left with Lachmann and his
litter of "Trudies.")

A younger generation of actor was also represented by
talented Glenn Fitzgerald to accept the Gertrudis Award for an up-and-coming,
sit-up-and-take-notice actor. In his acceptance speech, Fitzgerald asked
if Chlotrudis Awards could come to his house and do this for him all the
time. Sure, Glenn, we'd love to!

Chlotrudis Awards instituted a new category this year, called the Buried
Treasure. This exciting award which goes to the core of the Chlotrudis
Awards mission, recognizing deserving but overlooked film and singing
their praises, by selecting the best films of 2002 which earned less thatn
$250,000 box office for the year. The first Buried Treasuer competition
ended in a tie between two very worthy and different films. Gary Burns'
Canadian comedy, waydowntown,
was featured as a sneak preview screening by Chlotrudis Awards in September
of 2001, but wasn't released domestically until last April. Larry Fessenden's
chilling tale of class and mythology called Wendigo,
tied for the new award. Take a look at all the nominees and winners here.

ceremony ran a good two-and-a-half hours long, but lived up to its short
and punchy theme, with the action flowing quickly and efficiently to it's
surprise musical conclusion. In fact, the music drew rave reviews all
night, from the opening acoustic guitar, violin, cello, vocal combo put
together by Greg Jacob, and the haunting rendition of Tears for Fears'
"Mad World" (featured in the film Donnie Darko) performed
by Nominating Committee member Peg Aloi, with Jacobs accompanying on acoustic
guitar, to the musical recap of the night's seven Best Movie nominees
by a seven member Entertainment Committee which included Scot Capehart,
Dawn Colford, Michael Colford, Beth Daly, Beth Jacobs, Merri Lavine, and
Jamie Penney. Pictured left, Scot Capehart brings down the house channelling
Tom Jones to tell the story of Punch-Drunk Love with a little help
from Beth Daly and Dawn Colford.

the ceremony wrapped, people were just getting started and a large portion
of the crowd, including Lachman, Fitzgerald and local filmmaker Lucia
Small (nominated in the category of Best Documentary for her film My
Father, the Genius
) headed over to Daedalus Restaurant for a post-party
that carried on into the next day. Take a look at some of the happy and
possibly relieved participants at the close of the Ceremony. Pictured
from left: Allison DaSilva, Chlotrudis Awards Board of Directors, Ed Lachman,
Geneviève Bujold, Marilyn O'Conner, Chlotrudis Awards Nominating
Committee and mother of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman and screenwriter
Gordy Hoffman, Chlotrudis Awards Presdident Michael R. Colford and actor
Glenn Fitzgerald.

Chlotrudis Awards would also like to extend a very special
thanks to everyone who helped make this event possible, and especially
their sponsors, The Charles Hotel, The Irving House, Harpoon Brewery,
Greenwood Wine & Spirts, Daedalus Restaurant, The Middle East, and
the S&S Deli.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark Haunts Boston!

Recently, the Boston Chlotrudis contingent had
the opportunity to meet Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, and see
her new movie ELVIRA'S
. Even without the full get-up (she doesn't
appear in costume for charity events due to the cost of her
wig-wranglers, etc.) everyone was completely engaged. She,
Cassandra Peterson, is a real hoot and has a story for every

The movie is very silly but fun. A real treat for the horror afficianado
of the films of Roger Corman, Vincent Price and Edgar Allan Poe, The
location: a haunted castle in Carpathia with hidden passages and a full
dungeon; the music: lots of dramatic strings and reeds helping to build
the mood (all performed by The Russian Symphony Orchestra), and the plot:
family curses and the life of the undead. The story is set in 1851, but
Elvira is gloriously anachronistic, keeping the viewer laughing with
her slang and bawdy comments as she winks knowingly to the audience.
The film was shot in Transylvania on a shoestring budget, so Cassandra
had stories of shooting in the freezing cold, running around in 6-inch
heels, huge wig and scanty gowns. Richard O'Brien, the man behind Rocky
Horror, is also in the movie. Supposedly they had a little diva head-butting
but ultimately both enjoyed the experience.

After the film, Cassandra Peterson met with fans behind the screen at
the Coolidge Corner Theatre, (wonderfully decorated in haunted castle
motif thanks to program director Clinton McClung) for a $20.00 donation
to the A.I.D.S.
Support Group of Cape Cod
. She was gracious and energetic as the
long line slowly advanced to have her sign posters, paper dolls and arms.

Chlotrudis Awards looks forward to Cassandra's next project, writing
her autobiography. Any woman whose husband has a Phil Hartman shrine
with a Magic 8-Ball containing some of Phil's ashes has got some tales
to tell...

Pictured at right, Chlotrudis President Michael Colford,
Cassandra Peterson and Chlotrudis Technology Coordinator Scot Capehart.

Thanks to the Charlesmark
, Beacon
Cinema Group
, the Coolidge
Corner Theatre
and the A.I.D.S.
Support Group of Cape Cod

Chlotrudis Awards at Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival is the largest, most prestigious gathering
of the film industry in the world, and Chlotrudis Awards had
two members there to report on the festivities. Board of Director
Corinne Fisher and Nominating Committee member Marilyn O'Connor
enjoyed the sights, the weather, and the cavalcade of stars
at this premier event. While Marilyn enjoyed the world premiere
of Chlotrudis Award winner Paul Thomas Anderson's Punch
Drunk Love
, starring Adam Sandler, Emily Watson and
Chlotrudis Awards winner Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Corinne joined
the throngs welcoming the cast and filmmaker of Ararat.
Pictured right are director Atom Egoyan and film's stars Arsin�br/>Khanjian, Charles Aznavour and Marie Josee Croze on the red
carpet as they arrive for the films' much-anticipated screening.
By all accounts, The Cannes Film Festival is an amazing experience.
We're glad Chlotrudis Awards was able to attend.

Chlotrudis Awards Brings The Fast Runner, and Director Zacharias Kunuk to Boston!

to the many attendees to the Museum
of Fine Arts
and Chlotrudis Awards' joint presentation
of Zacharias Kunuk's award-winning film, The Fast Runner.
The evening got off to a nice start with a lovely reception
at the Museum thrown by the Canadian Consulate of Boston. Deputy
Consul General, Robert Irwin welcomed visiting director Kunuk,
and producer, cinematographer Norman Cohn before a invited
crowd including Canadian representatives, Chlotrudis Awards
and Museum of Fine Arts members. Thanks to Christine Sarkisian
and the Canadian Consulate for throwing such a beautiful reception.

enjoying fine cheeses and delicious paté, the guests
moved to teh theater where they were joined by a long-line
of ticket holders for the film. Cohn and Kunuk gave a terrific
introduction before the eager audience enjoyed the first
feature-length fiction film written, produced, directed,
and acted by Inuit, The Fast Runner is an exciting
action thriller set in ancient Igloolik, Canada. This three-hour
epic tells the story of a small community of nomadic Inuit
caught in a life threatening struggle between powerful
natural and supernatural forces. Atanarjuat, the Fast Runner,
and his brother Amaqjuaq, the Strong One emerge to challenge
the evil order. But after Atanarjuat wins the hand of the
lovely Atuat away from the boastful son of the camp leader,
Oki, a cycle of revenge unfolds that crosses the boundaries
of the spirit world. Despite the late Sunday hour, fans
of the film remained after the conclusion to ask the filmmakers
some questions. The resulting answers were insightful,
education, amusing and powerful. This film will be released
this summer, with a Boston date set for late June. Don't
miss it!

Thanks to Lot 47 Films for
working with Chlotrudis Awards to bring both The Fast Runner and
Mr. Kunuk and Mr. Cohn to Boston.

Images from Sarah Polley Reception

In January, Chlotrudis Awards
teamed with Women
in Film & Video/New England
and the Canadian
Consulate Boston
to hold a special reception for Canadian
actress/director Sarah
at the Brattle
. Polley screened the most recent short film she
has directed, "I Shout Love," as part of WIFV/NE's "Rewind/Fast
Forward Film Festival" celebrating the history of women
filmmakers in New England. Before the sold-out screening of "I
Shout Love," members of Chlotrudis Awards and WIFV/NE
got to chat with Sarah at a special reception. | Read more »

Sarah Polley Visits Boston!

In January, 2002, Chlotrudis Awards teamed up
with Women in Film and Video/New England, The Brattle Theatre,
and the Canadian Consulate to host, "An Evening with Sarah
Polley." The Canadian actress is well-known to fans of
independent film for her roles in such films as The Sweet
, Go, Guinevere, The Claim, Last
, The Hanging Garden and Hal Hartley's soon-to-be-released No
Such Thing
. Women in Film and Video/New England brought
Sarah to Boston for the area premiere of "I Shout Love" her
latest directorial effort. The 32 minute short film and the
45-minute question & answer session that followed thrilled
the sold-out house. Chlotrudis Awards hosted the two-hour reception
for members of the involved organizations before the screening.

We'd like to thank Sarah, Women in Film & Video/New England, The
Brattle Theatre, The Canadian Consulate and Chlotrudis Awards' Board
of Directors for all the efforts that combined to make this event such
a smashing success!

Chlotrudis Awards waydowntown is a Big Success!

During the last week of August 2001, Chlotrudis
Awards hosted a special pre-release screening of the new Lot47
release, waydowntown. The film, released last
year in Canada, will hit the U.S. theaters in October. Director
Gary Burns and actor Don McKellar (Last Night, Highway
, The Red Violin) were in attendance to introduce
the film, and participate in a question and answer session
afterwards. The event was held at the Coolidge
Corner Theatre
in Brookline, MA before an enthusiastic
crowd. Pictured left are Burns (left) and McKellar on stage
at the Coolidge answering post-viewing questions.

is a highly-acclaimed Canadian filmmaker whose previous
features, The
and Kitchen
gained recognition at the Sundance and Toronto
International Film Festivals. McKellar has previously been
nominated for Chlotrudis Awards in the Best Director, Supporting
Actor and Original Screenplay categories. Pictured right,
McKellar signs his autograph for an enthusiastic fan.

waydowntown tells the story of a group of office workers
who wage a month's salary on who can stay indoors the longest.
The wager takes place throughout a city's downtown where they
work and all the buildings are connected by glassed-in bridges.
As the 24 days of confinement pass, the game unravels and insanity
ensues. waydowntown has been heralded "The most original and
impressive Canadian movie of the year!" by The Toronto Star.

All proceeds from the event will support Chlotrudis Awards, a Boston-area
nonprofit organization that celebrates independent and non-mainstream
films. Through its annual awards ceremony and film festival, Chlotrudis
Awards recognizes artistic merit and filmmaker vision. By distinguishing
creative, quality films, Chlotrudis Awards seeks to encourage moviegoers
to support independent film, and to increase awareness of innovation
in film. After the event, McKellar, Chlotrudis Awards President, Michael
Colford, and Burns smiled for the camera.Watch the waydowntown