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Redefining "Turkey" in Film

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Have you ever seen a film that was produced in Turkey?

The ones I've seen aren't all that good. The Turkish film industry is known for recreating big Hollywood blockbusters, sometimes shot-for-shot, with crappy effects, lousy acting, and a heavier hand than even -- well, than even Hollywood would dare use. I've been (un)fortunate enough to see the Turkish Wizard of Oz, complete with I Dream of Jeannie-style "magical" effects. And I've seen the Turkish Exorcist, which is nearly identical to the original, minus the storytelling genius and Catholic church (the "priest" uses the Koran to scare the Hell out of the girl). I know of what I speak.

But this little gem of a trailer for A.R.O.G made its way onto the viral video chart this week and I am fascinated. Despite the flagrant copyright infringements, it looks like a squeal-fest in so many ways! Now, if someone could please tell me what the title means, I'll be thrilled. I can't find anything on the film on IMDB or any other halfway-reputable English-language site. I do, however, think it's a sequel to something called G.O.R.A., which looks pretty neat itself...