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Scot Dicovers "Hirsute" Filmmaker

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It's amazing what you'll find, Googling mindlessley on a Saturday morning. (Don't ask what I Googled, by the way.) I was unexpectedly redirected to Logo Online where I watched "Hirsute", a 14-minute short film by A.J. Bond. Bond, a Canadian (go figure) actor and film editor, apparently has launched his directing career with this fascinating low-tech sci-fi short and the results are fantastic. I've always been a fan of really smart time travel stories and this film reminds me of one of my favorite books in the genre, The Man Who Folded Himself by the legendary David Gerrold. (Yeah, the guy who wrote the Star Trek "Trouble With Tribbles" episode.) Only "Hirsute" is more cynical. And that's not a bad thing.

Bond seems like a pretty intelligent guy and I'm pleased to see that he was in Chlotrudis friend Gary Burns' Kitchen Party, not to mention providing the voice of "Bad Hat" Pepito in the Madeleine cartoon. I wonder if we should have him down for the awards to speak about editing. Did I mention that he's Canadian?

I don't usually watch much Logo, as films set out to be "gay films" are usually pretty disappointing. But maybe I'll have to start flipping past that channel more often.

Check out the trailer below, and if you like it, watch the whole thing at Logo Online or on IMDB.

Signe Baumane at Sundance

Signe Baumane has had two films screen as part of the Chlotrudis Short Film Festival. In 2002 she wowed us with a lovely story about a lonely housewife and her vacuum cleaner in Natasha. She was back in 2004 with a short film of more mythic proportions called Woman. Now it seems that for the first time she has brought one of her own films to Sundance. The film is called Teat Beat of Sex and it stems from the filmmaker's penchant for talking dirty at screenings. Read in interview with Signe over at The Reeler. Congratulations, Signe!

What's Up with Chlotrudis Short Film Alum, Patrick Smith?

Patrick Smith, the talented animator whose work for MTV can be seen in the animated series "Down-town" and as the director for several seasons of "Daria," is also known among Chlotrudis members as the filmmaker who has twice been accepted into the Chlotrudis Short Film Festival. In 2006 Smith entered the surreally entertaining HANDSHAKE, and last year he tickled audiences with the adorably sinister PUPPET. Now Smith's animated work has been collected into a DVD called LIQUID TALES. The collection includes five of his most recent, award-winning films, with extra features including pencil tests, director commentary, behind the scenes footage, and an exclusive interview. To order LIQUID TALES, and to find more about Patrick and his work, visit his website, Blend Films.