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THE TRACEY FRAGMENTS' Canadian Release and a Canadian Chlotrudis?

My top film at September's Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) was Bruce McDonald's powerful and innovative THE TRACEY FRAGMENTS. Starring the fearless Ellen Page, this film chronicles a troubled adolescent's desperate search for her missing younger brother as her mind fragments into hysteria and near madness. Twitch reports that THE TRACEY FRAGMENTS will be released on three screens in Canada on November 2. I can't tell how this release compares to the releases of other Canadian-made films in their home country. One of the ironic things about TIFF is that we try to see as many Canadian films as possible because they rarely get released in the U.S. The hometown audiences do the very same thing because of their poor release in their home country! You'd think a movie sporting adirector with a track record like McDonald's, and a rising star like Page would get some attention. No word on a U.S. release, but if Page's other outstanding film, JUNO, coming out in December, performs as well as it should, THE TRACEY FRAGMENTS just may get a little more notice. Otherwise I will be pushing for an appearance at the Independent Film Festival of Boston next April.

Now what's this about a Canadian Chlotrudis? Isn't that a little redundant? Actually I was thrilled to find out about the First Weekend Club (which I discovered by following the TRACEY FRAGMENTS trail from Twitch back to Mad About Movies to First Weekend Club.) Catch the first sentence of their mission statement: First Weekend Club builds audiences for Canadian films. They do this by building awareness and strong box office for great Canadian cinema on opening weekends. It's free to join, but I think you might have to live in Canada. There is currently an exclusive interview with Bruce McDonald featured on the front page. I think Chlotrudis needs to meet the First Weekend Club.