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Chlorudis Tuesday Night at the Movies + Indie Film Round-Up, November 20 - 26

Hello, Chlotrudis Members!

This week's Chlotrudis Movie of the Week has gotten a lot of attention because it caught the eye of Ms. Oprah Winfrey, and we all know what that means. Still, director Lee Daniels (a friend of Chlotrudis Board member Bruce Kingsley) is getting some pretty high marks for PRECIOUS, BASED ON THE NOVEL PUSH BY SAPPHIRE, even despite it's clunky title. This week Chris Kriofske has selected the 7:20pm screening of that film at the Coolidge Corner Theatre. Dinner beforehand will be announced closer to the event (although I'm going to put my two cents in for the Regal Beagle!)

Precious Jones (Gabourey Sidibe) is a high-school girl with nothing working in her favor. She is pregnant with her father’s child—for the second time. She can’t read or write, and her schoolmates tease her for being fat. Her home life is a horror, ruled by a mother (Mo’Nique) who keeps her imprisoned both emotionally and physically. Precious’s instincts tell her one thing: if she’s ever going to break from the chains of ignorance, she will have to dig deeply into her own resources. [Synopsis courtesy of Sundance Film Festival].
Director: Lee Daniels
Cast: Gabourey Sidibe; Mariah Carey; Lenny Kravitz

Check out the trailer:

It's the final week of the Eye Opener and it's a great opportunity to provide input for a work in progress. This week's film, DO IT AGAIN, is a great documentary, made locally, about the classic rock band, The Kinks. Check it out, meet the filmmaker, and give him some valuable input while he finishes editing the film. The fun starts at 11am, Sunday, November 22 at the Brattle Theatre.

The 8th Annual Boston Latino Film Festival has begun and it features three weekends of shorts, movies, and documentaries from Latin America, USA and Spain. Sixty films and fifteen directors from eighteen countries will be featured at the following locations:


This weekend head out to Cambridge College to see the first round of films:

Friday, November 20
Luchadores: Fighting for a Dream
Tumaco Pacifico

Sunday, November 22
Rita of the Sky
Ni Aqui, Ni Alla
Shorts Program 1

And on Saturday, November 21, head over to BU's GSU Auditorium for:
Code Name: Butterflies
Bienvenidos a Fleischmanns- An Immigrant Community in Rural America
Animas Perdidas

Please check the BLIFF website for details. The Boston Latino International Film Festival (BLIFF) aims to present the latest films produced by Latinos and the latest films dealing pertaining to social issues of Latino communities in the US and Latin America. The festival also focuses on alternative films with social content from Latin America in addition to films addressing with Latino issues in the United States.

See you at the Movies!

Playing this week, November 20 - 26, 2009.

Brattle Theatre, Cambridge
Special Return Engagement
Ponyo (Fri. - Sun.)
The Bicycle Film Festival!
Train Trip & I Love My Bicycle: The Story of FBM Bikes (Sat.)
Made in Queens & Where Are You Go (Sat.)
Shorts Program (Sat.)
Folk Music Month in Harvard Square!
Festival Director Murray Lerner in Person! (Sat.)
Sunday Eye Opener
To be announced (Sun.)
Epstein Brothers Centennial! Sponsored in Memory of Peggy Yntema!
Mr. Skeffington (Wed.)
Casablanca (Thu. & Fri.)

Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline
Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call, New Orleans (Wed. & Thu.)
An Education
A Serious Man (Fri. - Tue.)
The Maid
The Yes Men Fix the World
Midnight Madness!
Black Dynamite (Fri. & Sat.)
The Room (Fri.)
Johnny Cupcakes Presents Hook (Sat.)
Europe's Grand Opera
Cosi Fan Tuite (Sat.)
Kid's Film
Spirited Away (Sat.)
Goethe German Film Series
Lulu & Jimi (Sun.)
Special Screening
Blazing the Trail: The Story of the Kalem Film Company in Ireland (Wed.)

FEI Theatres Capitol Theatre, Arlington
The September Issue

Somerville Theatre, Somerville
Pirate Radio
Paranormal Activity

Harvard Film Archive, Cambridge
Gordon Willis, the Man Who Shot THE GODFATHER
Manhattan Cinematographer Gordon Willis, Appearing in Person (Fri.)
Pennies from Heaven Cinematographer Gordon Willis, Appearing in Person (Sat.)
The Parallax View (Sun.)
The Purple Rose of Cairo (Mon.)

Hollywood Hits Theatre, Danvers
Precious, Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire
A Serious Man
Coco Before Chanel

Landmark Theatres
Kendall Square
, Cambridge
Precious, based on the novel Push by Sapphire
The Messenger
An Education
A Serious Man
Capitalism: A Love Story
Coco Before Chanel

Embassy Cinema, Waltham
Precious, based on the novel Push by Sapphire
An Education
Paranormal Activity
Pirate Radio

Loew's Harvard Square, Cambridge
Paranormal Activity
Pirate Radio

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
New Japanese Cinema
Big Man Japan (Fri. & Sat.)
Crime and Punishment (Sat.)
Restored Print
Word is Out: Stories of Some of Our Lives (Fri.)
Family Film
Little Fugitive (Fri.)

The Newburyport Screening Room, Newburyport
Pirate Radio

The Stuart Street Playhouse, Boston
The Damned United
A Serious Man

West Newton Cinema, West Newton, MA
35 Shots of Rum
A Serious Man
Bright Star
Coco Before Chanel

Michael R. Colford
Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film, President