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DUCK SEASON Director in Berlin

I was just thinking about DUCK SEASON, a multiple Chlotrudis nominee from last year, and its director Fernando Eimbcke. It's exactly the type of film I love to see receiving a Chlotrudis nomination, much less several. DUCK SEASON scored nods in the Best Movie, Director, Supporting Actor and Ensemble Cast categories, and I bet 99% of the U.S. population has never heard of it.

Well Chlotrudis members and fans of the film, filmmaker Fernando Eimbcke has a new film and it screened this week at the 58th Berlin International Film Festival. Called LAKE TAHOE, GreenCine Daily has a review.

McDonald and Page Score in Berlin

Canadian filmmaker Bruce McDonald's latest film THE TRACEY FRAGMENTS scored a distribution deal at the Berlin Film Festival this week. This experimental film stars busy Chlotrudis-winner Ellen Page, who is nominated this year for her compelling performance in HARD CANDY. To tell his story of a girl struggling with puberty, McDonald takes the film title literally by using fragments of images, often many at a time, to visually represent what Tracey is experiencing. McDonald film work has been little seen in America (HIGHWAY 61, DANCE ME OUTSIDE, HARD CORE LOGO, PICTURE CLAIRE), but Chlotrudis members will definitely know him for some of his television work ("Twitch City," "DeGrassi: the Next Generation," "Queer as Folk").

THE TRACEY FRAGMENTS has been picked up by Canada's Odeon Films for distribution in Canada and Germany. Here's hoping it makes an appearance south of the border. With Page getting some attention with HARD CANDY, and the recent Sundance premiere of AN AMERICAN CRIME, in which she co-stars with Catherine Keener, perhaps THE TRACEY FRAGMENTS has a chance of getting U.S. distribution. THE TRACEY FRAGMENTS is based on a novel by Maureen Medved who also wrote the screenplay.