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Checking in on Past Nominees: Paddy Considine

Cinematical has announced that British thesp, and Chlotrudis nominee Paddy Considine will try his hand at directing a feature narrative. Considine was nominated in the Best Supporting Acting Category in 2005 for MY SUMMER OF LOVE. He first caught our eye in Pawel Pawlikowski's outstanding LAST RESORT, appeared in 2002's 24-HOUR PARTY PEOPLE, and was recently seen in the British comedy, HOT FUZZ. Mainstream audiences might remember him in last year's THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM.

Considine wrote and directed a short film entitled DOG ALTOGETHER starring Peter Mullan last year. His new project is titled TYRANNOSAUR which will star British TV actress Olivia Colman. There won't be any dinosaurs in TYRANNOSAUR however; the film focuses on a woman leaving an abusive relationship. Filming will begin at the end of the year.

A Year of "Pauls" for Hilary

Board member Hilary Nieukirk submits her Top 10 for 2007 and discovers that it was a year of "Pauls" for her.

The Best:
There Will Be Blood
No Country for Old Men
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Into the Wild
The Lives of Others
La Vie en Rose
Crazy Love
Hot Fuzz

The Worst:
Margot at the Wedding

For me, this year was All About the Pauls. Longtime indie crush Paul (ALL THE REAL GIRLS) Schneider gave two great Supporting Actor turns: LARS AND THE REAL GIRL and THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD.

Paul Dano, my One to Watch for the past couple years, showed that he's the real deal in THERE WILL BE BLOOD. Dano held his own against manic, scenery-devouring Daniel Day-Lewis, even briefly gaining the upper hand, until his milkshake fell victim to draiiiiiiiin-age in the much-discussed/much-debated ending of BLOOD. (Did that sound straight out of an Oz episode or what? Yikes.)

I know a lot of people saw Dano in LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE and I highly recommend renting the little-seen THE KING, wherein you can see the seeds of the Paul/Eli Sunday character.

Wesley Morris spotlights some of his favorite acting of the year

So, as Chlotrudis members start mulling over some of their favorite performances of the year for nomination consideration, I urge you to take a look at Boston Globe critic Wesley Morris' list of some of his favorite acting from 2007 films. Not all of these films are Chlotrudis-eligible, but it's still a pretty interesting and eclectic list. I love that he has included the entire cast of THE HOST!

Great Interview with Ellen Page on NPR

Ellen Page... Ellen Page... Are we tired of reading/hearing about Ellen Page? No! As many people south of the 54'40 don't know, Chlotrudis discovered Ellen Page in the U.S, awarding her with the Breakout Award in 2005, before HARD CANDY or X-MEN: THE LAST STAND were released. We co-presented the still-unreleased AMERICAN CRIME with the Provincetown International Film Festival which starred Ellen and Catherine Keener earlier this year. Now with the imminent release of the terrific Ivan Reitman comedy JUNO, Page is poised to really break out to a wider audience. Take a listen to this wonderful NPR interview with this talented actress.

Susan Blackwell of Susan Blackwell Fame

Theatre-going New Yorkers may know Susan Blackwell from her terrific performance in [title of show] or her supporting role in the current Off-Broadway hit Speech and Debate. Chlotrudis members may know Susan Blackwell from her star turn in the Chlotrudis Award-winning Short Film BUN-BUN. But Scot is the lucky man who knew Susan Blackwell as a friend and fellow theatre major in college. Tonight we saw Susan's brief appearance in Noah Baumbach's MARGOT AT THE WEDDING, then what do I find in my RSS feed when I get home but 61 photos from the upcoming Hilary Swank film P.S. I LOVE YOU. One of those photos features a great photo with Susan having a rip-roaring argument with Swank while Gina Gershon holds her back. Check it out!

A couple more words (and you know they're not the last) on BLINDNESS

So filming on Fernando Meirelles' BLINDNESS continues in Uruguay and Brazil next week. We got the inside scoop from Don McKellar (who adapted the screenplay) last week in Toronto. As you probably know from reading this earlier blog post (or this one), I'm very excited about BLINDNESS, having read the book, and loving the terrific international (and fairly heavily Canadian) cast. BLINDNESS became even more of a can't wait for me last week when I found out from Tracy Wright (pictured left) that she is scheduled scheduled to appear in the film as originally reported, despite not appearing on the Internet Movie Database's cast list. What's more (and I hope this isn't a trade secret) but Tracy is going to appear as a blonde! That's right... she decided she wants to bleach her hair for the role! I. Can't. Wait.

So anyway, Fernando Meirelles has a blog and he's talking about the shooting of BLINDNESS. Unfortunatley, it's all in Portuguese. Fortunately, Twitch has posted Fernando's latest post translated into English! Fernando talks about how Sandra Oh (yep, another great Canadian) got involved in the production. Go read it!

And could someone please add Tracy Wright to the cast list on imdb?

BLINDNESS Gets Even More Intriguing

Mewsings reported earlier about BLINDNESS, the currently-in-production feature directed by Fernando Meirelles (CITY OF GOD), and adapted from José Saramago's award-winning novel by our Chlotrudis-buddy Don McKellar. I'm currently reading the novel, and it's going to be pretty intense when they bring this to the big screen. Blindness tells the story of an unnamed city whose inhabitants start to go inexplicably blind. Julianne Moore has the leading role, and as reported before, Mark Ruffalo has stepped in to replace Daniel Craig in the male lead.

BLINDNESS is currently shooting in Guelph, Ontario, and a quick check of the Internet Movie Database reveals a pretty compelling, international, supporting cast. In addition to Moore and Ruffalo, there are a couple more names from the movie biz including Danny Glover, and Gael Garcia Bernal, who was last seen in the Chlotrudis-nominated leading role in THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP. I was also pleased to see another past-Chlotrudis honoree getting a role; Canadian mainstay Maury Chaykin. Don McKellar gets a brief but pivotal role as "The Thief." Fans of Hirozaku Koreeda will be pleased to see Yusuke Iseya, one of the leads from his beloved AFTER LIFE in the role of the "first blind man." Finally, for fans of the Canadian television dramedy "Slings & Arrows" (and there are a handful of you out there) two delightfully talented actresses from that show, Martha Burns and Susan Coyne also have roles.

The one name I didn't see in the credits who we were hoping would be involved is Chlotrudis honoree Tracy Wright. Hopefully there is something bigger and better in her future.

Provincetown International Film Festival Wraps

Back from the 9th Annual Provincetown International Film Festival, and I'm pleased to report it was another fun, relaxing and film-filled event. Between screenings, parties, and time spent enjoying the sun, I just didn't have enough time to provide any live reports, so you'll have to be satisfied with a wrap-up report in the next day or two. Hopefully, some of my fellow Chlotrudis members in attendance will send in their thoughts as well. Suffice it to say, the high point of the weekend was surely the hour we spent partying with Kathleen Turner. More soon.

Mark Ruffalo Replaces Daniel Craig in BLINDNESS

A few weeks ago, new James Bond Daniel Craig pulled out of BLINDNESS, Don McKellar's adaptation of the award-winning novel by Jose Saramago. The film, directed by Fernando Meirelles (CITY OF GOD), about a doctor's wife, played by Julianne Moore, who becomes the only person with the ability to see in a town where everyone is struck with a mysterious case of sudden blindness. Now it has been announced that Mark Ruffalo will step in to replace Craig, and despite the fact that he seems a little young for the role, it's an interesting choice for a film of this caliber. In addition to adapting the screenplay, Chlotrudis-pal McKellar also has a role in the film, as does our other pal Tracy Wright. This one's sure to be a Chlotrudis crowd-pleaser when it is released in 2008.

I'd also like to point out that Chlotrudis members are not the only people who appreciate the talented Mr. Don McKellar. After originally writing this post, I found this post at The Reeler. It's entitled "Six Degrees of Don McKellar," although author Michelle Orange does lose points with me for calling Don "unfriendly."

Firth, Keener, Davis and Winterbottom in Boston?

Indiewire reports that Michael Winterbottom's next project, GENOVA, will star Colin Firth, Hope Davis and Catherine Keener. Shooting begins at the end of June in Genova, Itlay, and... wait for it... Boston! Maybe I'll get to ask Catherine personally to come to the 14th Annual Chlotrudis Awards!