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Chlotrudis Offers the Best Films Directed by Women

Cleo from 5 to 7The Chlotrudis Society for independent Film is not an overly political group, but after things went they way they did in 2016, we felt creating our list of the best films directed by women was a nice, creative and long-overdue spotlight on the wonderful films whose collective vision represent more than half the world's population. And no one was more surprised than the compilers of this list, that the woman leading the pack does so with her debut film, a quirky, lovable piece called ME AND YOU AND EVERYONE WE KONW. And truly, who better than Miranda July, who appears on this list twice, to represent the creativity and singular vision of women. Agnes Varda is one of nine women who appeared on the list with three films. Pictured left is a still from her narrative film CLEO FROM 5 TO 7 which appears at #10 on this list. | Read more »