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Maury Chaykin:

Philip Seymour HoffmanThis year, the prolific and well-regarded veteran actor, Maury Chaykin will be in attendance as the society honors his long and varied career, and celebrates his achievements in the field so far with a special award. The quintessential ‘hey, it’s that guy!’ journeyman actor, Maury Chaykin has had over 130 roles across four decades and two countries. Among his films are DANCES WITH WOLVES, MY COUSIN VINNY and BEING JULIA; Diane Keaton’s directorial debut UNSTRUNG HEROES; THE SWEET HEREAFTER and WHERE THE TRUTH LIES, two of several of his with Canadian director Atom Egoyan. In some of his most notable TV appearances Mr. Chaykin played NERO WOLFE, and spun cameo gold in such classic series as ENTOURAGE, DUE SOUTH, TRACEY TAKES ON, and CSI.


The 12th Annual Chlotrudis Awards Ceremony

All photos courtesy of David Finks of FinksFotography and Praveen

Mary & Corinne at the check-in table
Members Mary McIntire and Corinne Fisher
greet the guests!

Ivy, Scot and Carolyn compare notes
Members Ivy Moylan, Scot Colford and
Carolyn Ziering talk nominees.

Esme, Hilary and Ned
Board members Esmé Green and Hilary Nieukirk get an update on the SXSW Film Festival
from the Brattle Theatre's Program Director, Ned Hinkle, fresh from the airport!

Scot Sings!
Your hosts, Allison DaSilva & Michael Colford

Kate is Titanic!
Michael and Allison welcome the audience...
...and introduce our lovely Misses Chlotrudis,
Amanda Colford and Emily Pike


Mary McIntire makes the first introduction.
Chlotrudis Board Member Mary McIntire
introduces Mike Bowes, founder of
Central Productions and President of the
Brattle Film Foundation, our first award presenter
as Miss Chlotrudis Emily Pike looks on.

Mike Bowes Presents the First Award
Mike presents the first award
for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Brian Tamm and Nancy Campbell
Brian Tamm, representing the Independent
Film Festival of Boston, and Chlotrudis
Board member, Nancy Campbell present...

Brian accepts the Best Original Screenplay Award
...the award for Best Original Screenplay


The first musical number!
To introduce the first of the Buried Treasure Nominees,
Emily Pike, Jamie Penny, and Merri Lavine...

Emily, Jamie and Merri get down
sing about Côte d'Azur...

It's the Côte d'Azur!
to the tune of Love Shack!


Amanda & Gil
Chlotrudis member Amanda Doran introduces
her husband Gil Cordova, representing
the Boston Latino Film Festival...

It's the award for Best Visual Design
to present the newly renamed Best Visual Design
Award (formerly, Best Cinematography)

Chadd readies the award for Bes Supporting Actor
Chlotrudis member Chadd Kline introduces Sara Rubin,
Executive Director of the Boston Jewish Film Festival,
who introduces the award for Best Supporting Actor.

Sara Rubin presents the award for Best Supporting Actor


Andy goes Country & Western
The second musical introduction is handled adeptly by
Andy Cincotta as he tells the story of THE EDUKATORS
sung to the tune of "I've Got Friends in Low Places."

Beth introduces Maury
Chlotrudis Board member Beth Curran introduces
the evening's guest of honor .


Maury Accepts the Career-So-Far Award
Beth welcomes Maury to the stage to accept the
Chlotrudis Award for a Career-so-far.

Maury  talks about the industry

Listening to Maury
The audience listens with rapt attention.

Maury is happy.
Maury displays a good sense of humor as he opens his
speech, but gest serious when talking about the
difficulties of working in the studio system.
At right, Maury proudly displays his Chlotrudis Award.

Maury and his Trudie


Sue Dorfman, Chris Kriofske, Emily Pike

Ned, Ivy and Miss Chlotrudis

Marilyn participates by cell phone

Above left, Chlotrudis treasurer Chris Kriofske and
Sue Dorfman, representing Women in Film & Video/New England, preesent the award for Best Documentary.

Chlotrudis secretary Ivy Moylan and Ned Hinkle,
Creative Director for the Brattle Film Foundation,
announce the winner of the Best Actor Award.

Not surprisingly, Philip Seymour Hoffman takes the
'Trudie for Best Actor. Unable to be here in person,
Phil's Mom Marilyn makes a sweet acceptance speech
on her son's behalf via cell phone. She promises that
the next call she will make will be to Phil, telling him
that NOW he's got all the awards for the year!


Beth belts out the introduction to our third Buried Treasure
nominee, TORREMOLINOS 73 to the tune of "It's the
End of the World As We Know It."

Hilary announces the winners of the Best Short Film
category. The first place Chlotrudis Award went to
JELLYBABY. The first place Audience Award

After viewing a clip, Matthew Lessner, director
of DARLING DARLING accepts his award.

John O'Brien

Wave to John!


Brian Tamm and Christine Harbaugh

On the left, Chlotrudis member Bruce Kingsley presents
the award for Best Supporting Actress, which is
accepted by Clinton McClung Program Director
at the Coolidge Corner Theatre. The new Miss
Chlotrudis, Amanda Colford, looks on.

Lucas accepts Award #2

Allison provides some impromptu translation

Longtime Chlotrudis supporter, film professor, critic, and
maker, Gerald Peary, presents the award for Best Director.


Scot belts out his number
Chlotrudis Technology Coordinator Scot Colford was
responsible for writing all of the evening's musical
numbers this year. This talented gentleman brought the
house down with his introduction to Buried Treasure
nominee TROPICAL MALADY sung to the tune of
"The Greatest Love of All."

Scot Colford

Marc Jacques & Clinton McClung

We love Canadians!
After being introduced by former Chlotrudis Board member
and Programmer for the Coolidge Corner Theatre,
Clinton McClung, Marc Jacques, Academic and
Cultural Affairs Officer for the Canadian Consulate
General, presents the award for Best Cast.


Beth introduces Eric

Miss Chlotrudis #2, Amanda Colford

Above, Chlotrudis Board member Beth Caldwell introduces
Eric Jausseraun, Cultural Attache for the French Consulate .

Miss Chlotrudis #2, Amanda Colford, stands ready
with the award for Best Actress
(above right)

Eric presents the award for Best Actress to
Marilou Berri for her work in LOOK AT ME.
Only one of the 5 nominees for Best Actress
was from a U.S. release. (right)

Eric presents the award for Best Actress


Robert Patton-Spruill presents the award for Best Supporting Actress

Michelle Fileuil accepts the award for Virginia Madsen
A surprise award was given out late in the evening, as
Michael Colford and Beth Curran inducted the
Brattle Film Foundation into the Chlotrudis Hall of Fame.

Creative Director Ned Hinkle examines his
Chlotrudis Award.

Director Lucia Small presents the award for Best Documentary
The Brattle Film Foundation operates the Brattle Theatre
where the Chlotrudis Awards have been held for the last
three years. Here Executive Director talks about the
struggles the Brattle has faced in the last year.

At right, Michael and Jamie introduce the last of the
Buried Treasure nominees, WHISKY, to the tune of
(I've got you) Babe.

Caitlin Buckley accepts the award for J onathan Caouette


Esme introduces Peter

Returning Board member Esmé Green introduces
our final guest presenter of the evening,
Boston Phoenix Arts Editor Peter Keough.

Peter Keough presents the award for Best Movie
Peter presents the award for Best Movie in his
usual sardonic style.

Georgette Gagne accepts one half of the Best Movie Award
Michael and Scot present the final award of the evening...
the Buried Treasure. As an added treat,
Scot sings the titles of each of the nominees.

Lucas Belvaux accepts his fifth and final cat!
Allison and Michael thank the guests for coming
and invite them to join Chlotrudis at the After-Party.


As the ceremony breaks up, Maury proudly
displays his Award.

Clinton McClung
Somehow Esmé got ahold of a 'Trudy, and it looks
like she doesn't want to give it up.


Conintue to photos of the After Party at Noir, sponsored by the Canadian Consulate of Boston.

Last updated: April 9, 2004