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13th Annual Chlotrudis Awards Members Party at Noir
courtesy of the Canadian Consulate of Boston

All photos courtesy of David Finks of FinksFotography and Agatha Trindade

Gil and Amanda

Ivy, Ned, Eric, and Catheline
Chlotrudis pals Amy Geller and Gerry Peary smile with honored guese
Don McKellar and Tracy Wright, and Chlotrudis song-and-dance man Scot Colford

Michael, Allison & John
A pack of Chlotrudis members arrive on the scene. From left, Chlotrudis Board Member Chris Kriofske with his boyfriend
Steve Rinaldi, Chlotrudis Board Members Beth Curran, Bruce Kingsley and Gil Cordova.

David, Maury, and Sara
Chlotrudis Board Member and co-hostess Esmé Green
happened to have a birthday that day...

Brian  and Adam
so we got her a birthday cake!

Bruce & Georgette
Don enjoys some of Esmé's birthday cake while Tracy sticks to wine.

A group of party-goers including Jose Barriga of the Boston Latino Film Festival, Chlotrudis members Aggatha Trindade
and Isabel Quadros,Chlotrudis Board member Beth Caldwell, and another rep from the Boston Latino Film Festival.

The posing beings: Chlotrudis President Michael Colford, Don McKellar and former Board Member Mary McIntire.

Michael, Tracy Wright and Chlotrudis Board Member Beth Curran

Michael, Tracy and Don

Scot, Michael and Tracy

Tracy has had enough with the photos, as evidenced in this final shot with Don McKellar.

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