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Don McKellar:

Philip Seymour HoffmanOn the occasion of its lucky thirteenth celebration, the Chlotrudis Society is thrilled to present its Body of Work award this year to Don McKellar. Recently described by the New York Times as “a Renaissance man of the Toronto indie film scene“, Don McKellar has earned accolades as a director, actor and writer in television, film and theatre. He made his film acting and co-writing debut in ROADKILL, the first of director Bruce MacDonald’s legendary Don McKellartrio of road movies. This also marked the first of many times McKellar would work with other young Toronto artists, fruitful collaborations over the years that have continued up to present-day, including the Broadway musical THE DROWSY CHAPERONE, for which McKellar won a Tony for Best Book.

While he has been most prolific as an actor and a writer, McKellar is perhaps most beloved for his 1998 directorial debut film (which he also authored and starred in), LAST NIGHT, a melancholy comedy about a young man just trying to be alone during the last night of the world. In 2004’s CHILDSTAR, McKellar once again was a director/writer/actor triple threat, in this sardonic take on the film industry. Lately, he has been winning new fans as a high-strung theatre director in the critically acclaimed TV series, SLINGS AND ARROWS, now beginning its third season on the Sundance Channel. McKellar will next be seen on the big screen in Reg Harkema's MONKEY WARFARE co-starring Nadia Litz and Tracy Wright. A hit with Chlotrudis members at the Toronto International Film Festival, the film will hit Boston in April at the Independent Film Festival of Boston. Some of McKellar’s other highlights include appearing in and/or co-writing films such as WHEN NIGHT IS FALLING, THE RED VIOLIN, starring Samuel L. Jackson, and Atom Egoyan’s EXOTICA and WHERE THE TRUTH LIES. Last but not least is his iconic role as Curtis, the slacker lead of TWITCH CITY, a cult Canadian series now on DVD.


Tracy Wright:

Tracy WrightThe Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film is pleased to announce that it will honor Canadian character actress Tracy Wright for her career so far during its 13th annual CHLOTRUDIS AWARDS ceremony. Ms. Wright will be in attendance to accept her award, joining Don McKellar who will also receive an honorary award from Chlotrudis.

Tracy is best known in the U.S. for being part of the cast of the award-winning debut from Miranda July, ME AND YOU AND EVERYONE WE KNOW (which in addition to prizes at Sundance, Cannes and the IFC, also won at Chlotrudis that year). She has done extensive work in Canadian TV and film, including the wacky Dizelle in the cult Canadian TV sitcom "Twitch City", (recently released on DVD), and key supporting roles in Don McKellar's ensemble piece, LAST NIGHT, Patricia Rozema’s WHEN NIGHT IS FALLING, and THE FIVE SENSES, which stars both talented Parkers - Mary Louise and Molly. In the upcoming MONKEY WARFARE, Tracy co-stars with McKellar and Nadia Litz as counter cultural activists trying to ‘f**k the man’. Ms. Wright is also prolific on stage - she most recently appeared off-Broadway in "A Beautiful View" at the Public Theatre, a play written and directed by Daniel McIvor.


The 13th Annual Chlotrudis Awards Ceremony

All photos courtesy of David Finks of FinksFotography and Agatha Trindade

Mary & Corinne at the check-in table
Members Aggy and Bel arrive at the Brattle Theatre

Ivy, Scot and Carolyn compare notes
Member Amanda Doran, and Board members Nancy Campbell and Hilary Nieukirk greet guests.

Esme, Hilary and Ned
Special guests Don McKellar and Tracy Wright arrive flanked by their friends and ours, Gerry Peary and Amy Geller!


Mary McIntire makes the first introduction.
Harvard Film Archive Curator Liz Coffey
presents the night's first award while Chlotrudis
Board member Gil Cordova looks on.

Mike Bowes Presents the First Award
Eric Jausseran from the French Consulate
always gets the audience laughing.

Brian Tamm and Nancy Campbell
New York Filmmaker Christian Remde accepts
the Audience Award for Best Short Film

Brian accepts the Best Original Screenplay Award
Chlotrudis Board member Ivy Moylan


Tracy Wright accepts the Chlotrudis Award
for her Career-so-far.

Author and Grub Street Writers Executive Director
Chris Castellani presents the Awards for Best Screenplay
with the help of Chlotrudis member Amanda Doran

Chlotrudis gets a little help from our Canadian friends,
Marc Jacque from the Canadian Consulate, and
Catheline van den Branden from the Quebec Delegation


Amanda & Gil
Tracy Wright and Don McKellar present a
Special Award given by their cat Lucky.

It's the award for Best Visual Design
Whoops! Chlotrudis is just the runner-up!

Sara Rubin presents the award for Best Supporting Actor
That's okay, Chlotrudis President Michael Colford
is still thrilled to accept the honor.


Chlotrudis Board member Bruce Kingsley
gives one of the night's final awards.

Beth introduces Maury
While Chlotrudis President Michael Colford
represents HALF NELSON.

Scot Colfordkicks off the musical number reprise
set to the song "Dreamgirls." Scot represents
the Best Movie nominee DUCK SEASON.


Board member Beth Curran is in costume
representing INLAND EMPIRE..

Maury  talks about the industry
Jamie Penney gets frisky representing SHORTBUS, while
Kate Pike dons a trenchcoat to represent SORRY, HATERS

Listening to Maury
The grand finale with Merri Lavine front and center as the Spirit of Chlotrudis..


Sue Dorfman, Chris Kriofske, Emily Pike
After the Ceremony, Don poses with
Chlotrudis member and big fan, Gianna Gifford.

Ned, Ivy and Miss Chlotrudis
And is joined by Tracy to pose with Chlotrudis
ex-oficio Board Member, Allison DaSilva.


Conintue to photos of the After Party at Noir, sponsored by the Canadian Consulate of Boston.

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