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10th Annual Chlotrudis Awards Ceremony ACT 2

All photos courtesy of brandonconstant.com

Esmé and Michael introduce Phil

Act 2 begins with a very special event: the induction of Philip Seymour Hoffman
into the Chlotrudis Hall of Fame. Here, Esmé and Michael introduce Phil.
As a special treat, NBC Film critic Sara Edwards conducts a twenty minute
conversation with Philip Seymour Hoffman onstage for the audience.

Sara and Phil laugh together

Sara Edwards and Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman
Phil talks about putting a little bit of himself into all his roles.

But cannot pick the role that is most like him.

Sara Edwards
Sara talks about Phil's polite and open manner on press junkets, something neither of them enjoy.

Phil talks about working with directors
Phil talks about working with Paul Thomas Anderson.

Sara and Phil on Brattle Theatre stage.

From the balcony, Sara and Phil chatting on the stage of the Brattle Theatre.

Sara and Phil laugh together

Jessica Estes, Sara Edwards and Phil

Act 2's Miss Chlotrudis, Jessica Estes, presents Phil with the "Gold Cat."
Phil Seymour Hoffman becomes the fist inductee to the Chlotrudis Society
for Independent Film's Hall of Fame.

Stephen Brophy introduces Thom Fitzgerald.
Chlotrudis member Stephen Brophy teaches film courses at MIT and the Cambridge Center for Adult Eduaction. Here
he introduces Canadian writer/director Thom Fitzgerald, recipient of the Chlotrudis Excellence in Direction Award.

Thom's low-key manner belies his humor
Thom jokes that Daniel MacIvor said everything he
had planned to talk about in his speech.

Thom Fitzgerald tells an inventive tale
Thom spins an inventive yarn about his pet cat to illustrate the need for independence in film.

Entertainment Committee Round 2
Diane Young starts things off for entertainment round two, "Talking about the boy from last year's movies..."

Kate sings about Peter Dinklage
Kate Pike continues the song for the Best Actor
nominees by singing about Peter Dinklage.

Spotlighting the nominees for Best Actor.
Dawn Colford, Kate Pike and Diane Young are swooning over the Best Actor nominees.

Sara Rubin presents Best Actor award to...
Sara Rubin, Executive Director for the Boston Jewish Film Festival, presents the award for Best Actor.

Philip Seymour Hoffman!
Miss Chlotrudis, Jessica Estes, presents the award for Best Actor to Philip Seymour Hoffman for his work in Owning Mahowny.

Phil's back on stage...
Phil makes a brief acceptance speech for the Best Actor Award.

David Moscow presents the award for Best Actress
Actor David Moscow finds his notes to present the
Chlotrudis Aaward for Best Actress

His Best Actress is Kerry Washington.
David has been acting in film since he was a child. Now he and Kerry Washington are producing an independent film that he has written and will be directing.
Tim accepts for Sarah Polley
Chlotrudis member Tim McIntire accepts the Best Actress award for Sarah Polley and her work in My Life Without Me.

Ivy introduces Agnès Godard
Ivy Moylan, Executive Director of the Brattle Theatre, introduces the recipient of this year's Visionary Award.

Agnès kisses Miss Chlotrudis
Coming all the way from Paris, cinematographer Agnès Godard is thrilled to accept her award, and kisses Miss Chlotrudis in thanks.

A hush falls over the crowd as Agnès accepts her award.
Despite the difficulty of a second language, Agnès tells a powerful story about her work as a director of photography.

Georgette introduces Ten
Georgette Gagne, head of the Chlotrudis
Membership Committee, introduces the final
Buried Treasure of the evening, Ten.

Sara Edwards presents the Best Director Award
As the evening winds down, Sara Edwards returns to the stage to announce the winner of the Best Director Award, which goes to Sofia Coppola for Lost in Translation.

Ned & Ivy present the Buried Treasure award.
With only two more awards for the night, Ned and Ivy return to the stage to present the award for Buried Treasure...

Director Wiebke von Carolsfeld accepts for Marion Bridge.
to a stunned and thrilled Wiebke von Carolsfeld.
The winner is... Marion Bridge!

Marilyn presents Best Movie
Marilyn Hoffman O'Conner presents the final award.

Marilyn talks about her famous son.
She even manages to upstage her son by answering one of the interview questions Sara Edwards had posed that Phil himself couldn't answer. "Which character is most like you personally?" Marilyn says, "The character of Phil, in Paul Thomas Anderson's Magnolia."
Mariyln is always a crowd pleaser.
Marilyn's antics get quite a reaction from her son... and the rest of the audience.
Clinton accepts Best Movie Award
Despite Marilyn's protest, the Best Movie of the year is announced as Lost in Translation, and Clinton McClung, Program Director of the Coolidge Corner Theatre makes a powerful acceptance speech.
The crowd applauds
The crowd shows its appreciation for the evening's events... but it's not over yet, much to your host's surprise.

Georgette introduces Ten
Scot Capehart leads a surprise presentation of one final award, given to your host, and founder of the Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film, Michael Colford

Sara Edwards presents the Best Director Award
Michael is visibly moved by the tribute of the Auteur Award for distinctive leadership and vision. The crowd's standing ovation is a tribute to the Society that has grown so much in its ten years.

Conintue to photos of the private party at Noir

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