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On Saturday, April 8, 2000, Chlotrudis Awards celebrated their sixth annual Awards Ceremony in the Braun Room in Andover Hall at the Harvard Divinity School. This was Chlotrudis Awards first Awards Ceremony open to the general public and it was a smashing success. A sold-out house was packed with movie fans, film critics and Chlotrudis Awards members enjoying guest speakers, delicious food provided by the S&S Deli, spellbinding entertainment and the style and excitement of Chlotrudis Awards.

Davidlee Wilson

Davidlee Willson:

Screenwriter and actor Davidlee Willson made a splash (and garnered several standing ovations) at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival with his movie, The Autumn Heart. Willson wrote this story, loosely based on his own family, at the tender age of 22. Starring Tyne Daly and Chlotrudis Award-nominee for 1998, Ally Sheedy, The Autumn Heart will finally be released at the end of August, 2000. We're very grateful to have had this talented Saugus native lend his gripping story to our Sixth Annual Chlotrudis Awards.
Sean Gullette

Sean Gullette, Star and Co-writer of "Pi":

We were thrilled to have Sean Gullette speak at our Awards Ceremony. Sean is a New York-based actor and writer who played Maximillion Cohen, the lead character in "Pi." Last year, Chlotrudis Awards nominated "Pi" in two categories, Best Director for Darren Aronofsky, and Best Cinematography for Matthew Libatique, the latter for which it won! "Pi" has won a slew of other awards as well, including the Director's prize at Sundance in 1998, and Best First Feature at the Independent Spirit Awards in 1999. Sean's recent film work includes Nicole Zaray's film "Joe's Day," with Deborah Harry, and the soon-to-be-released follow-up to Brad Anderson's "Next Stop Wonderland," called "Happy Accidents," with Marisa Tomei and Vincent D'Onforio. Sean is also a screenwriter, and shares the "Story By" credit for with "Pi" director Darren Aronofsky. Sean designed and built the incredible pithemovie.com, with a little help from his friends.

Julia Elliott, Co-writer and Producer of Windhorse:

In 1999 a powerful movie was released that very few people got a chance to see. This is unfortunate, because Windhorse is the sort of movie that should be seen. In this film, three young Tibetans search for freedom and fulfillment... and confront the power of a ruthless Chinese regime. Co-written and co-produced by Julia Elliott, Windhorse explores the violent abuse of Tibetan human rights at the hands of the colonial communist government. Elliott lived for three years in Kathmandu, studying Tibetan language, religion and culture. She is recently completed a masters degree in Religious Studies at the Harvard Divinity School. Julia described the amazing story of the creati on of her powerful movie. Windhorse is currently available on videocassette.

backdrop crowd
Board of Director, Gianna Gifford set up the lovely, colorful backdrop utilizing movie posters of the nominated films, as well as posters representing the guest speakers

To the right, the crowd waits for the start of the ceremony with anticipation.

Mary and Ellen arrive with the 'Trudies jack garvey
The limo heralds the arrival of Chlotrudis Treasurer, Mary McIntire, who carries the Chlotrudis stauettes that will be presented later in the evening, and Chlotrudis Secretary and Legal Advisor, Ellen Robbins.
Newburyport musician, Jack Garvey, entertained the arriving guests with lively folk music on the flute.

Chlotrudis Awards Entertainment Committee member, Diane Young and Chlotrudis Awards President, Michael Colford greet guest speaker Julia Elliott. At the far right, Michael welcomes Sean Gullette. diane, michael and julia sean and michael

dawn and diane brad pitt half naked The Awards Ceremony kicks-off with a performance by the Entertainment Committee that guest speaker, Sean Gullette can only describe as disturbing.
Diane Young, Dawn Colford and Janet Young perform a 60's girl group style number lamenting the speed in which good movies sometimes disappear from the cinema to the tune of Carole King's "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow."
a chinese epic oh, the drama

Michael Colford played host for the evening,
welcoming the guests to the ceremony, and
introducing the first guest speaker, Sean Gullette.
Using his personal experiences during the making of the film Pi,
Sean delighted the audiences with the 10 rules of making a feature film. You can bet that everyone in the audience will remember Sean's stories about filming in the New York City subway in the middle of the night with a cow's brain.
your host a speech, by sean gullette
esme, sean and miss chlotrudis After his fascinating speech, Sean presented the night's first award, Best Cinematography, to Frank Griebe, whose amazing camera work propelled Run, Lola, Run to scintillating heights. Chlotrudis Board member Esme Green accepts the award from Sean while our very own "Miss Chlotrudis," Andrea Webber looks on.

Robin, Laura, and Janet
The second award of the evening was presented by
Chlotrudis Awards Nominating Committee members, and stars of their very own Cable TV movie review show, Reeling, Robin and Laura Clifford. The Best Screenplay Award was given to the highly original and mind-bending script for Being John Malkovich, by Charlie Kaufman. Accepting for Mr. Kaufman was Chlotrudis Board member, Janet Young.
robin and laura

Nominating Committee member, Beth Daly presented the evening's first special award to Catherine Keener. The Gertrudis Award is given annually to an actor/actress enjoying a breakout year.
The evening's second guest speaker was actor/screenwriter, Davidlee Willson. With his first feature film due for general release in August, Willson mesmerized the audience with his heartbreaking tale of a young man with big Hollywood dreams who is introduced to the harsh realism of the "big-time."

Following his emotionally stirring speech, Davidlee Willson presented the first of the four acting awards, Best Supporting Actor. To accept the award for Chlotrudis-favorite,Philip Seymour Hoffman, Board member Ellen Robbins took the podium.
best supporting actor ellen accepting for PSH
best supporting actress allison accepting for c. keener To present the award for Best Supporting Actress, Board member Emily Neil stepped forward. Accepting for the already honored, Catherine Keener was Board member Allison DaSilva, who was caught up in the excitement of the moment.

gianna gives out the chloe The second of the special awards was presented by Board member Gianna Gifford to Helen Mirren. Helen was the recipient of this year's Chloe Award, a lifetime achievement award given by the Chlotrudis Awards' three founders.

gerry peary gives out best actor
The Best Actor and Actress Awards were given out by guest critics from Boston newspapers. We were thrilled to have Boston Phoenix film critic, Gerry Peary present the award for Best Actor to third-time winner, Kevin Spacey. Accepting for Mr. Spacey was Nominating Committee member Tim McIntire.
tim accepts for Kevin Spacey

s brophy presenting best actress diane accepting for hilary Boston gay and lesbian newspaper, Bay Windows, was the first to take notice of Chlotrudis Awards with an excellent article written by Stephen Brophy, pictured here presenting the award for Best Actress to Hilary Swank. Accepting for Ms. Swank is Chlotrudis Awards Entertainment and Nominating Committees member Diane Young.

julia elliott jluia presents best director emily accepts for spike jonze
.Julia Elliott, our third and final guest speaker tells an absorbing story about getting her film, Windhorse, made in Tibet
The award for Best Director was presented by Ms. Elliott to Spike Jonze for his excitingly original vision of Being John Malkovich. Accepting for Mr. Jonze was Chlotrudis Board member, Emily Neil

founders present best movie
The final award of the night was presented by Chlotrudis Awards' Founding Members, Jet Rawding, Michael Colford, and Trent Stephenson. The Award for Best Movie surprised many of us, as Paul Thomas Anderson's Magnolia took top honors. Accepting for Magnolia was Chlotrudis Treasurer, Mary McIntire.
mary accepts for magnolia

barbara and allison Winners show off! Clockwise from left, Allison DaSilva proudly presents Catherine Keener's award for Best Supporting Actress with visiting guest, Barbara Szold, representing the Averick Foundation. Mary and Tim McIntire hold their throphies accepted for Magnolia and Kevin Spacey respectively, with Andrea "Miss Chlotrudis" Webber and Rob Smith. Ellen Robbins is thrilled to accept Philip Seymour Hoffman's Best Supporting Actor award with Nominating Committee member Mona Medina.
mona and ellen
mary, andrea, rob and tim

The Chlotrudis trophies for Best Director and the Taskforce Award, given to Atom Agoyan for his accomplishments as a director, are the first to be collected in order to send them to the actual recipients.

party time relaxing with friends bethany meets mona
The party continued on after the ceremony was complete!

trent and michael Taking a moment to relax are Chlotrudis founders, Trent Stephenson and Michael Colford, while screenwriter Julia Elliott looks on.

photographs courtesy of Greg Brown

Look like a good time? Well it was! Don't miss out next year, as we present the Seventh Annual Chlotrudis Awards Ceremony! Look for more extravagance, more famous speakers, more famous presenters... and maybe a recipient or two will stop by! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please send us some e-mail and let us know what you're thinking! See you next year!

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