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The Seventh Annual Chlotrudis Awards Ceremony was a night of glitz, glamour and even one shocking revelation! Guest speakers included Canadian writer/director Patricia Rozema, this year's Taskforce Award recipient, Eric Watson, producer of this year's Best Movie winner, "Requiem for a Dream," Thouly Dossios, writer/director of one of this year's Best Short Film Nominees, and Sara Edwards, 7 News and Entertainment Reporter. Together with members of Chlotrudis Awards Board of Directors and Nominating Committee, the evening came together in fun and excitement.

Posters Poster

The David Friend Recital Hall was decorated with the posters of the nominated films,
and with posters of the films of the guest speakers.

Music by Ken BarclayMiss Chlotrudis, the lovely Amanda Colford
Entertainment Committee warms up
Classical guitarist Ken Barclay entertains the buzzing crowd & Miss Chlotrudis Amanda Colford is stunning as this year's Miss Chlotrudis. Here she displays one of the coveted "Trudies."
Charlotte Young, Diane Young and Carla Thompson look on as Entertainment Committee member demonstrates some of the moves for the evening's performance.

Diane and Janet
Diane, Janet and Dawn
Diane, Janet and Dawn
The Entertainment Committee introduces your host!
A hush falls over the crowd as the Entertainment Committee, Diane Young, Janet Young and Dawn Colford take the stage. Their song and dance number mesmerize the audience. They culminate by introducing the night's host, Michael Colford.

Janet To start the evening off, Janet Young introduces the first clip for the Best Movie nominee, "Beau Travail." Julia One of last year's guest speakers, Julia Elliot, screenwriter for the film, "Windhorse," presents the award for Best Cast.

Thouly Dossios
Eric Watson and Thouly Dossious
LEFT: Thouly Dossios wrote and directed "Gray Fruit" one of the short films entered into the First Annual Chlotrudis Awards Short Film Festival. Thouly earned an honorary award for most votes at a single venue. The winning Short Film went to "Undone" by Kandeyce Jordan. RIGHT: Thouly and "Requiem for a Dream" producer, Eric Watson gave out the awards for Best Original and Adapted Screenplays.

Sara Edwards, Sarah, Laura Saunders, Gianna Gifford
Mary McIntire introduces a clip for Best Movie nominee "The Five Senses."
A brief intermission shows Chlotrudis Board of Directors Sarah Hagan and Gianna Gifford and guest Laura Saunders, chatting with 7 News Entertainment Reporter Sara Edwards.

Aerial Shot
As the ceremony gets underway again, our intrepid photographer,
Greg Brown takes advantage of the balcony for an aerial view of the crowd.

Clinton Loren LEFT:The Awards for Best Supporting Actor and Actress are presented by local luminaries Clinton McClung, program director for the Coolidge Corner Theatre, and

RIGHT: Loren King, freelance writer and member of the Boston Film Critics Society.
Mary Trent

LEFT: Mary accepts the award for someone but I don't know who.

RIGHT: Chlotrudis Founder, Trent Stephenson is pleased to accept the Best Supporting Actress Award for Nadia Litz.

Stephen Allison Patricia Rozema
Stephen Brophy writes for Bay Windows and teaches film courses at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education and Tufts University. Here he is shown presenting the Best Actress Award to Canadian actress Karine Vanasse...
...which Board member Allison DaSilva excitedly
accepts. This year Chlotrudis Awards also
added Allison's son Evan as Mr. Chlotrudis to
help people to and from their seats.
This year's recipient of the coveted Taskforce Award, given to a director, and principal guest speaker was Patricia Rozema. Here she gives her "Trudy" an affectionate pat before discussing the ten truths of filmmaking

Board member Esme Green accepts the well-deserved Best Director Award for Ang Lee and his stunning work on "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon."
Before introducing the clip for the film "Traffic," Nominating Committee Member Marilyn O'Conner stuns the crowd by announcing that she is representing past Chlotrudis Awards winner Phillip Seymour Hoffman. A right she claims because she is his mother. We were thrilled that Marilyn could fly to Boston and join us for this wonderful event.

Sara Edwards LEFT: 7 News Entertainment Reporter Sara Edwards had the enviable task of presenting the night's biggest award, Best Movie, to "Requiem for a Dream" producer Eric Watson.

RIGHT: Eric was touched as he made his heartfelt "thank you's."

Eric Watson

Marilyn, Patricia, Michael Marilyn, Patricia, and Chlotrudis President and proud host, Michael Colford smile for the camera.

Marilyn, Eric, Sara After the ceremony, Sara Edwards excitedly exchanges notes with Marilyn about her talented son Phil while Eric looks on in amusment.

Michael then corrals Board member Allison DaSilva to pose with the evening's special guests, Sara Edwards, Marilyn Hoffman O'Conner, Eric Watson and Patricia Rozema.

photographs courtesy of
Greg Brown
Happy Guests

The event wound down, but the fun just moved around the corner to "The Seasonal Table" for a wonderfully catered event featuring The Seasonal Table Sopranos performing selections from famous operas, including Lakme's "Delibes," featured prominently in Patricia Rozema's first film, "I've Heard the Mermaids Singing." Special thanks to "The Seasonal Table" for helping to make the Seventh Annual Chlotrudis Awards Ceremony an event to remember.

Guinevere Turner and Michael Colford
Two weeks later, Chlotrudis Awards President, Michael Colford had the opportunity to present the
Award for Best Adapted Screenplay to an excited Guinevere Turner for her work on the film
American Psycho. Guin was in town as part of the Boston International Women's Film Festival.

Christian Bale and his 'Trudie
It was very thoughtful of Christian Bale to send us this lovely photo of him posing
with his Best Actor Trudie. Christian has been working hard in Ireland filming his
next film, so we're very grateful that he took the time to pose for this shot.

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