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Lucas Belvaux:

Philip Seymour HoffmanLucas Belvaux opted for the highest degree of difficulty with his threesome of films by adding actor to his job description along with writer/director. Moreover, ON THE RUN, AN AMAZING COUPLE, and AFTER THE LIFE, shot concurrently, are interlocking pieces to one puzzle, telling the same story from different perspectives in non-linear fashion. This ambitious creation, together called THE TRILOGY, received several Chlotrudis nominations, including Best Film, Best Director, Best Cast and Best Original Screenplay. For his outstanding contributions behind and in front of the camera, Chlotrudis will award Lucas Belvaux its Body of Work Award.


John O'Brien:

Agnès GodardChlotrudis will present John O’Brien its Maverick Award, given to a member of the film community who best exemplifies that description. Based in Vermont, O’Brien has mined his hometown of Tunbridge for inspiration, location shooting and even casting for his last three movies, including this year’s NOSEY PARKER, also a nominee in the Buried Treasure category. His films sift non-fiction and storytelling together in Mike Leigh fashion to create vivid northern New England tableaus.




Ellen Page:

Thom FitzgeraldEllen Page is a young Canadian actress who caught the attention of Chlotrudis in her role of Joanie in the Award-winning MARION BRIDGE. That film, written by Daniel MacIvor and directed by Wiebke von Carolsfeld, won the coveted Buried Treasure Award last year, and was also honored with the award for Best Cast, of which Ellen was an integral part. She followed up her role in BRIDGE with a pivotal role in Daniel MacIvor's ensemble gem WILBY WONDERFUL.

With two strong parts behind her, Chlotrudis now boldly predicts that Ellen Page will be one of the most talked about young indie actors of the year when her next project sees the light of day later this year. After causing a sensation at Sundance in January 2005, the film HARD CANDY was picked up by Lion's Gate Films. Page stars in this controversial film about a fourteen-year-old girl who meets a possible sexual predator on the internet, then in person, before returning to his apartment with him. From there, all bets are off. Page is an actress with the depth and skill to handle this hot button role and we await HARD CANDY eagerly.

Ellen Page comes to Boston this weekend to celebrate the Brattle Theatre's theatrical run of WILBY WONDERFUL, and to accept the Breakthrough Award at the 11th Annual Chlotrudis Awards Ceremony.


The 11th Annual Chlotrudis Awards Ceremony

All photos courtesy of brandonconstant.com

The 'Trudies are laid out and ready!

Checking-in the Guests
Members Barbara Lonergan and Mary McIntire
check-in the guests

Brian, Ivy and Clinton
Brain Tamm from the Independent Film Festival of Boston smiles with Ivy Moylan of the Brattle Film Foundation,
and Clinton McClung from the Coolidge Foundation.

The DaSilvas
The DaSilvas pose for the camera

Scot Sings!
The Narrator (Scot Colford) starts the show...

Kate is Titanic!
The paparazzo snaps glamor shots of the
"aging Hollywood actress" while the host and
the narrator sing on...
The Aging Hollywood Actress swings into action
as Spider-Man while the Host and
the Narrator keep dancing.


The Next Big Thing!
The "aging Hollywood actress" and her agent are aghast when the host and the narrator announce the winner!

Emily Pike as "N.D. Filmmaker"
Chlotrudis-winner "N.D. Filmmaker"
accepts her award.

Preparing for the big finish!
Just before the kick-line!


Your hosts
Your hosts, Allison DaSilva and Michael Colford
thank the sponsors.


Pre-award banter
Allison and Michael share some banter

Mary McIntire introduces STANDER
Board member Mary McIntire introduces STANDER,
the first Buried Treasure nominee.


Sara Rubin
Sara Rubin, Executive Director of the
Boston Jewish Film Festival
presents the Screenplay awards...

Lucas Belvaux
Lucas Belvaux picks up his first award for
Best Original Screenplay

Hilary Nieukirk
Board member Hilary Nieukirk announces the
winners of the Best Short Film Award

Justin Fielding
Justin Fielding accepts his Best Short Film and
Audience Award for his film "Dwaine's Big Game."


Michael blabs on...
Michael provides some backstory about Chlotrudis
before presenting the Breakthrough Award to
the lovely Ellen Page

Ellen and Emily
Ellen Page accepts the Breakthrough Award
while Miss Chlotrudis, Emily Pike, looks on.

Ellen accepts her award
Ellen is touched and feels blessed by the direction
her career has taken her.

Bruce Kingsley
Bruce Kingsley introduces the second of our
Buried Treasure noms, INFERNAL AFFAIRS.


Allison introduces Lisa and Candelaria

Lisa and Candelaria present the award for Best Supporting Actor

Carolyn Ziering accpets the award for Peter Sarsgaard

A big part of Chlotrudis is making connections
in the Boston film scene. Allison DaSilva introduces
Lisa Robbins (left) and Candelaria Silva, the two
women behind the Roxbury Film Festival.

Lisa and Candelaria present the award for
Best Supporting Actor to Peter Sarsgaard,
here being accepted by Chlotrudis member
Carolyn Ziering.


Clinton McClung, Program Director for the Coolidge Corner Theatre and Chlotrudis Board member, presents the
award for Best Cinematography... which is a tie!

Chlotrudis Board member Chris Kriofske accepts the
awards for Best Cinematography for the films

Chlotrudis Board member Beth Curran introduces
the next Buried Treasure Awards nomineee,
RECONSTRUCTION, a complex film examining
the art of writing.

Clinton McClung

Chris accepts the Best Cinematography Award from Miss Chlotrudis

Beth Curran


Peg introduces Maverick Awards winner John O'Brien

John O'Brien

Wave to John!

To present the next special award, Chlotrudis member
Peg Aloi relates some personal stories about her
friend, John O'Brien.

John O'Brien accepts the Chlotrudis Maverick Award
for his work as a true independent filmmaker.

During his talk, John mentions his next film projects
and how organizations like Chlotrudis serve as


Brian Tamm and Christine Harbaugh

Lucas accepts Award #2

Allison provides some impromptu translation


Veronique Mysticki and Eric Jausseran
Representatives from the Consulat Général
de France à Boston, Veronique Mysticki
and an extra from the French film
THE CHORUS (in actuality, the prankster
Eric Jausseran) present the award for
Best Actor to Gael García Bernal.

Diane Young
Diane Young accepts the award for Mr. Bernal.

Ivy Moylan and Ned Hinkle
Ivy Moylan, Executive Director of the Brattle Film
Foundation, and her Creative Director (and husband),
Ned Hinkle, present the award for Best Actress to
Imelda Staunton.

Janet Young
Janet Young accepts the award for Ms. Staunton.


Lucas Belvaux in the front row
Lucas Belvaux checks with his friends for
some quick English clarification.

Scot Colford
Scot Colford introduces the
Chlotrudis Body of Work Award winner...

Lucas Belvaux accepts the Body of Work Award
Lucas Belvaux accepts the Body of Work Award...

Lucas Belvaux accepts the Body of Work Award
with a little help from translation by Veronique Mysticki.


Robert Patton-Spruill presents the award for Best Supporting Actress
Robert Patton Spruill shakes up the audience
with his lively presentation of the Best Supporting
Actress Award won by Virginia Madsen.

Michelle Fileuil accepts the award for Virginia Madsen
Chlotrudis member Michelle Fileul accepts.

Director Lucia Small presents the award for Best Documentary
Lucia Small, director of 9th Chlotrudis Awards Nominee
for Best Documentary MY FATHER, THE GENIUS,
presents this year's Best Documentary award.

Caitlin Buckley accepts the award for J onathan Caouette
Chlotrudis member Caitlin Buckley graciously
accepts the title "Miss Documentary" and
accepts the award for Jonathan Couette.


Boston film critic Ty Burr
Boston Globe film critic Ty Burr presents the
award for Best Director to a stunned Lucas Belvaux.

Amy Geller and Gerry Peary
Perennial Chlotrudis presenters Amy Geller and
Gerry Peary have the honor of presenting the
award for Best Movie

Georgette Gagne accepts one half of the Best Movie Award
And it's a tie!
Chlotrudis member Georgette Gagne accepts the first

Lucas Belvaux accepts his fifth and final cat!
And a skeptical Lucas Belvaux collects his fifth 'Trudie.
No lie, Lucas! This ain't a set up!


For the final award of the night, Ellen Page returns to the
stage to present the Buried Treasure. Ellen appeared in
last year's Buried Treasure winner, MARION BRIDGE.

John O'Brien snags this year's Buried Treasure for his
delightful film, NOSEY PARKER, the third part of the
Tunbridge Trilogy, which he shows the audience.

The ceremony comes to a close and Lucas Belvaux
displays his litter of five "cats on a stick!"

Clinton McClung

Chris accepts the Best Cinematography Award from Miss Chlotrudis

Beth Curran


Conintue to photos of the After Party at Noir, sponsored by the Canadian Consulate of Boston.

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