Hal HartleyHal Hartley:

We were thrilled to honor Hal Hartley as the recipient of this year's Taskforce Award, given to a director for creative vision. Chlotrudis members are big fans of Hal's work, which includes such films as Trust (which has an impressive 84 ranking on Chlotrudis Awards 200 for 2000 list), Amateur (for which Martin Donovan was nominated in the Best Actor category), Henry Fool, and 2002's No Such Thing (starring multiple Chlotrudis Awards nominee Sarah Polley, Robert Burke and Chlotrudis Award winner Helen Mirren.) Hal was a gracious and soft-spoken honoree speaking eloquently on what is an independent movie viewer. It was a talk that Chlotrudis Awards members could take to heart.

Arsinée KhanjianArsinée Khanjian:

Canadian Actress, Arsinée Khanjian, who most recently appeared in Catherine Breillat's magnificent Fat Girl will be honored with the Chloe Award, recognizing a long and varied "career-so-far." Arsinée is best known for her intriguing work with husband Atom Egoyan. She first appeared in Egoyan's debut feature, Next of Kin, and has appeared in every on of his films since then, including co-production duties for Calendar. From the censor who videotapes graphic sex and violence for her mother in The Adjuster, to the over-the-top, television chef and mother to serial killer Bob Hoskins in Felicia's Journey, Arsinée brings a passion and vitality to Egoyan's complex stories. She has also worked with French director Olivier Assayas in his films Late August, Early September and Irma Vep, as well as with Michael Haneke in his powerful film, Code Unknown. She will next appear in Atom Egoyan's grand epic, Ararat. She takes a break from the camera by doing extensive stage work in Canada and Europe. We were so pleased to be able to honor this talented and fascinating woman.

'Trudies Pianist Andrew Schmidt

The 'Trudies were lined up backstage at the David Friend Recital Hall while pianist Andrew Schmidt warmed up the audience.

Gianna and Ellen
Keith and Al
Susan and Barbara
A buzz fills the room as guests chat excitedly about the impending festivities. Clockwise from upper left: Members Sarah Hagen and Gianna Gifford greet Chlotrudis Awards Secretary Ellen Robbins; Keith Fiels and Al DaSilva broke up the tuxes for the big event; Susan Zucker from the Yale Daily News spends some time with Barbara Szold, long-time Chlotrudis supporter.

Clinton, Jillian, and Joe
A Coolidge Corner Crowd compares notes preparing for their respective presentations: Program Director Clinton McClung, Weekend Manager Jillian Maryonovich, and Executive Director Joe Zina

Dawn, Diane and Janet perform
Entertainment Committee winner
Entertainment Committee members Dawn Didham Colford, Diane Young and Janet Young wow the audience with selections from L.I.E., In the Mood for Love and Mulholland Dr., tweaked in their own inimitable style.

Your hosts, Esmé and Michael
Esmé and Michael
Your hosts for the evening, Esmé Green and Michael Colford, Chlotrudis Awards President.

Sara Edwards Ellen accepts the award for Best Cast
Ivy and Ned Emily accepts the Best Cinematography Award
The first two awards are given: Channel 7 News Entertainment Reporter Sara Edwards presents the award for Best Cast to Sexy Beast, accepted by EllenRobbins; Ivy Moylan and Ned Hinkle, Co-Directorss of the Brattle Theatre present the Best Cinematography Award to In the Mood for Love, accepted by Chlotrudis member, Emily Neil

Frederic and Eric introduce Amelie
Peter Keough
LEFT: Representatives from the French Consulate, Frederic Martel and Eric Jausseran introduce the clip for Amelie. RIGHT: Boston Phoenix Film Critic Peter Keough presents the Best Documentary Award to The Gleaners & I

Kate Allison John Gianvito
Nominating Committee member Kate Pike introduces Amores Perros; Board Member Allison DaSilva accepts the Gertrudis Award for Scarlett Johansson; John Gianvito, filmmaker and assistant curator at the Harvard Film Archive introduces The Circle.

Sara and Joe Ellen
ABOVE: Boston Jewish Film Festival Director Sara Rubin and Joe Zima, Exective Director of the Coolidge Corner Theatre present the Award for Best Adapted Screenplay to The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, accepted by Ellen Cliggot
BELOW: Boston Phoenix Film Critics Peg Aloi and Chris Fujiwara present the Award for Best Original Screenplay to David Lynch's Mulholland Dr., accepted by Laura Clifford
Peg and Chris Laura

Stefanie Lubkowski, from the Museum of Fine Arts Film Department, introduces the clip for In the Bedroom

Clinton and John
Coolidge Corner Theatre Program Director Clinton McClung and The Metro Film Critic John Black present the Award for Best Supporting Actor while Miss Chlotrudis stands ready.
Nominating Committee member Janet Young makes a heartfelt acceptance for Ghost World's Steve Buscemi
Marianne Lampke of Beacon Cinema Group presents the award for Best Suporting Actress. This surprise tie between Ghost World's Scarlett Johnasson and Sexy Beast's Amanda Redman is accepted by Chlotrudis Awards Board Member and Treasurer Mary McIntire

Chlotrudis Awards Nominating Committee member
Nathaniel Tyson traveled to Boston from the Washington, D.C.
area with his father to introduce the clip for Best Movie
nominee In the Mood for Love.

Canadian actress/producer Arsinée Khanjian, most recently seen in Catherine Breillat's magnificent Fat Girl, enthralls the audience with a passionate acceptance speech for her Chloe Award.

Chlotrudis Awards Nominating Committee member Jeffrey Pike introduces the clip for Best Movie nominee Memento.
Chlotrudis Awards Nominating Committee member Robin Clifford introduces the clip for Best Movie nominee Mulholland Dr.

Scot Chris

Chlotrudis Awards Technology Specialist Scot Capehart announces the winners of the Best Short Film Cateogry. Chris Egan, former college roommate of filmmaker Jeffrey Wadlow, accepts on his behalf, and on behalf of his film, The Tower of Babble.

Amy and Gerry Hilary

LEFT:Women in Film and Video/New England President Amy Geller and Film Scholar and Critic Gerald Peary present the award for Best Actor to

RIGHT: John Cameron Mitchell for his work in Hedwig & the Angry Inch. Chlotrudis Awards Board member Hilary Nieukirk accepts for Mitchell.

Deirdre and George Beth

LEFT:Chlotrudis Awards Nominating Commitee member Deirdre Brennan presents the award for Best Actress with legendary Boston Film Exhibitor George Mansour.

RIGHT: Nominating Committee member Beth Daly is pleased to accept the award on behalf of Naomi Watts..

Chlotrudis Awards Board member Corinne Fisher introduces the final clip of the evening, the enchanting Yi Yi.

Esmé and Emily
ABOVE: Co-host and Board member Esmé Green and Nominating Committee member Emily Neil introduce the evening's Taskforce Award recipient.
Director Hal Hartley delivers a thoughtful talk as he accepts the Taskforce Award for creaative vision in directing.
BELOW: Hal's work isn't complete, as he next announces the winner in the Best Director category.
Chlotrudis Awards Board member Stephen Brophy accepts the award for Best Director on behalf of Christopher Nolan.

he final award of the evening is another tie! Diane Young accepts the Best Movie award on behalf of In the Mood for Love AND Mulholland Dr.

The Special Guests pose with the hosts and the Trudies
The ceremony complete, it's time for some pictures! Co-host Esmé Green, Director Hal Hartley, Actress Arsinée Khanjian and co-host Michael Colford.

Deirdre, Ted, and Mary
Miho, Arsinée, and Hal
Hilary, Esmé, and Jamie
Esmé, Emily, Beth, and Stephanie
The crowd mingles post-ceremony. TOP: Deirdre Brennan, Ted and Mary McIntire.
CENTER: Miho Nikaido, Arsinée Khanjian and Hal Hartley. CENTER: Hilary Nieukirk, Esmé Green and Jamie Penney.
BOTTOM: Esme, Emily Neil, Beth Daly, Stephanie Taylor

Hal and Michael
Arsinée and Michael
One of the privileges that comes with being President of Chlotrudis Awards. Michael poses with guest honorees Hal Hartley and Arsinée Khanjian.

Kristin and Dan LEFT: Kristin Kelleher and Dan Comeau provided a lovely backdrop of acoustic music for the party afterwards.

RIGHT: Janet Young shows off a bit of the evening's opening production number... hint, it's from the film Memento.

Janet reveals the clue...

Hal and Emily Hal poses with Chlotrudis Awards Nominating Committee member, and big fan, Emily Neil.

Gerry, Amy, and Michael Michael, Nathaniel, and Eric
Gerry Peary and AmyGeller bid adieu to Michael. As the evening winds down, Michael compares notes with Nathaniel Tyson and Eric Jausseran.

While you're at it - take a look at last years ceremony celebration . . .

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